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All-Inclusive Legal Services Provide A Unique, Integrated Solution

By choosing to utilise one of our partner law firms, your legal fees will be outlined from the start and incorporated into the transaction success fee, which means they are fully contingent and only payable at completion.

Whether in business or in general life, peace of mind regarding legal matters cannot be undervalued.

The legal side is a fundamental element of any company sale and KBS Corporate can facilitate a service for you that provides numerous stress-reducing benefits.

These carefully-selected partners work alongside KBS Corporate throughout the legal process, assisting in all areas of confidentiality, negotiation, due diligence, Heads of Terms and the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

We have long-standing relationships with 800 partners across 63 offices, enabling us to offer you a unique, integrated solution if you would prefer to include legal services within our fee structure.

Our nominated panel of legal service providers was chosen because they possess many years of experience in advising sellers and buyers on both sides of a transaction.

Here are the ways in which they can benefit you as a shareholder considering a sale:

  • Providing the highest level of corporate transaction expertise
  • Providing experience in dealing with domestic, cross-border, investment and PLC transactions
  • Taking ownership of issues and providing solutions
  • Anticipating problem areas and presenting them appropriately to the buyer on your behalf
  • Ensuring buyers can carry out a focused due diligence exercise efficiently, in a way that suits you
  • Helping to maintain control of the transaction up to the point of completion
  • In the unlikely event that legal work is commenced but the sale does not complete, no legal fees will be payable

What is the definition of contingent fees?

Contingent fees are designed to protect you once the transaction reaches the legal stage. This means you are not liable for any fees if the deal breaks down through no fault of your own – therefore the fees are contingent on a successful conclusion to the deal.

Should you appoint your own solicitors, any legal work carried out up to this stage is likely to be chargeable.

Once the transaction has completed, the fees payable to KBS Corporate will not deviate from the transaction fee outlined at the point of instruction – which means no unwelcome surprises as fees are transparent and explained clearly from the outset.


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