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At On Line Computing Limited

At On Line Computing Limited provides IT and information security managed services to SMEs in the UK. The company was established in 1993 as a subsidiary and was established as a separate company in 1995 and is based in London. The company has maintained relationships with clients, spanning up to 23 years which is reflected by At On Line Computing’s excellent reputation.

The shareholders of the company, Paul Byrne, Oonagh Zeches and Jay Rasiah approached KBS Corporate with the sale of their business in order to explore other avenues. One of the major reasons for sale was to enable the major shareholder to pursue business interests in Ireland.

KBS Corporate implemented a diverse research strategy with a heavy focus on sourcing a UK buyer. No less than 58 interested parties were identified over the course of two rounds of research. KBS Corporate was able to utilise these high levels of interest to generate a competitive bidding environment.

The ultimate offer came from Tela Technology, providers of communication solutions and IT business services. The company was established over 30 years ago and holds many prestigious awards. Tela benefits from partnerships with multiple blue-chip companies and offices across the UK. The acquisition will enable Tela to expand their foothold in the south, particularly within London, and to diversify their service offerings.

Jacob Lord, Corporate Deal Executive at KBS Corporate, advised At On line Computing through the process and commented: “The acquisition will benefit both parties as it allows the shareholders to focus on other operations and gain the freedom they were seeking. It also provides the buyer an excellent foothold in a key location within the south, for further expansion of their group. I assisted with all the negotiations and maintained a close relationship with the buyer throughout the process to ensure the transaction ran smoothly. I am very pleased with the outcome and wish both the buyer and vendor the best of luck moving forward.”

Post-sale Tela is looking to retain the current staff and location of At On Line Computing, with some of the shareholders remaining in business to smooth the handover period.


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