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EiB Group Limited is a leading provider of specialist strategic work which caters to a diverse blue-chip client base across the UK and Europe. The company was founded in 1992 and commenced trading, rapidly establishing a prominent presence within the infrastructure and wider construction sectors, as well as building relationships with large tier one contractors and consultants and a reputation for success.

During initial discussions with KBS Corporate, it became apparent that it was important to find a buyer who could support the company to continue its growth plan. This led to KBS Corporate implementing a research strategy focussing primarily on UK and overseas synergistic buyers, predominately within the professional services sector, but also included a select number of financial buyers This approach resulted in 25 interested parties being identified and two competitive offers.

The successful offer came from an integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business, RSK Group. The acquisition acts as part of RSK’s continued growth via a buy & build strategy.

Alan Ryder, RSK CEO said, “For the past few years, RSK has been working towards an ambitious 2025 strategy that aims to strengthen the company’s position as a leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business.”

Scott Brown, CEO of EiB, added: “I am incredibly optimistic about what this acquisition will mean for the team at EiB. By joining the RSK group, we can accelerate the growth of the business, explore new markets and target larger contracts, all while staying committed to the ‘EiB way’ of working.” Scott Brown also commented on the role of KBS Corporate Finance during the process: “Would never have got over the line without you. A real pleasure. If you want someone to provide reference or speak to future potential clients, please feel free to use me.”

Tom Eatough, KBS Corporate Finance Associate Corporate Director, advised EiB throughout and commented: “EIB is a fantastic business and I am really pleased that we managed to find such a well-suited buyer.  RSK will provide a platform for the business to continue growing and I am sure i it will be a great success for both parties.”

Post-acquisition EiB Group will retain their current branding and will adhere to their core values and ways of working. The active shareholders will also retain their positions EiB post completion, along with key members of staff.


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