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Environmental Project Management (Contracts) Limited

KBS Corporate has successfully completed the sale of Environmental Project Management (Contracts) Limited (EPM), an environmental engineering and consultancy firm specialising in VOC atmospheric control and associated services.

Operating throughout the UK and Europe, EPM advises on and designs systems for the print industry designed to abate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from solvent fumes. Other services include dryer optimisation, emissions monitoring and gas monitor installations, to name a few. During its 20 years of trading history, EPM has experienced organic growth on an annual basis and built up a significant portfolio of blue chip clients.

The sole shareholder of EPM approached KBS Corporate with intentions of offering the company for sale in order to retire and pursue other interests. With EPM being operated from the home office of our client, KBS Corporate identified that the business would be easily relocatable and an ideal proposition for a prospective acquirer anywhere in the UK.

The opportunity to acquire EPM was presented to a set of mainly trade buyers within the environmental consultancy and engineering sectors. Over twenty parties pledged interest and signed NDAs, resulting in several buyer meetings and an offer for the company.

The acquirer was Mr Ghazali Syed on behalf of KRANS Limited. With over 10 years of experience in the chemical engineering sector, and current business interests within the environment and renewables sector, Mr Syed offered an excellent strategic fit as the acquirer of EPM.

Sonia Cottrell, of KBS Corporate, advised on the deal and commented, “I think that the synergistic links between EPM and Mr Syed are clear, and I am certain that he will bring great things to the company. I wish both our client and Mr Syed the very best for the future.”


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