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Fatherson Bakery Limited, trading as Fatherson Bakery, is a nationwide traditional bakery with over 10 years’ experience. The company has a core product line of 80 with an additional 24 seasonal products added over the year. Fatherson Bakery benefits from a strong sense of homemade brand which has led to the business becoming easily recognisable. Furthermore, the quality of the products is enviable with the company gaining multiple awards including several Great Taste Gold awards. In addition to this, Fatherson Bakery has fostered excellent client relationship which has produced long-standing relationships with blue chip retail buying groups.

The shareholder’s contacted KBS Corporate in order to facilitate retirement plans of two and allow another to invest more time in other business interests. One of the shareholders will remain with Fatherson Bakery.

The final buyers were Laurence Smith, Megan Smith and Mark Lewis with the former having a breadth of experience with the fast-moving consumer goods industry. The new owners intend to diversify the product range by establishing their own gluten free range and instilling an environmentally friendly ethos however the homemade aesthetic will remain at the core of the brand.

The deal was overseen by Andrew Dodd, Corporate Director at KBS Corporate.


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