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FreedomMusic acquired by Imagesound Group Limited

FreedomMusic is a specialist provider of licence-included audio services for background music, catering to a range of needs including in-store radios, retail, leisure and hospitality.

FreedomMusic has a proven track record of helping businesses save money through the use of royalty free music. The music offered by FreedomMusic is original and written and performed by new artists across the globe.

Based in Hampshire, the business has amassed a strong client base, having achieved ISO 9001 quality accreditation, they are associated with a high-quality service.

Following the instruction of KBS Corporate with the sale of the business, the goodwill and assets of FreedomMusic were sold to Imagesound, a leading provider of in store music solutions to retailers, health clubs and restaurants.

A majority stake in Imagesound Group was sold to ECI Partners, in a deal advised by KBS Corporate. ECI is one of the most successful private equity groups in the UK, and have enabled the significant growth of Imagesound.

Tom Eatough, Associate Corporate Director advised our clients at FreedomMusic throughout the deal.


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