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International Graphic Press Ltd

International Graphic Press Ltd has been acquired by Mercury Publicity, in a deal which was advised by KBS Corporate.

International Graphic Press (IGP) act as the exclusive UK representative for leading publishers of top consumer and trade magazines, newspapers and digital media across Europe and China. IGP represent a number of leading print titles, along with online media, across various sectors including fashion, music and technology.

The acquirers are also active in this niche sector, as the leading independent international media representative. Based in London, Mercury Publicity represent publishers across Europe, alongside providing advertising solutions to clients. Their extensive and loyal list of clients includes Nike, Epson, Tiffany & Co and Acer, which highlights the quality of their work.

For the buyer, the opportunity to acquire IGP opens new opportunities, a potential list of new, secure clients, increased resources and staff expertise.

Initially, KBS began the research process by advertising to trade buyers. However, the most promising interest came from Mercury Publicity, another key operator within the industry, which will help to form a good working relationship between the two companies going forward.

The successful deal helps to prepare the IGP shareholder for retirement, whilst the partnership could also generate significant growth and expansion opportunities.

Another important condition of the sale was the safeguarding and protection of the current employees in place, and so it was important to KBS Corporate that this was upheld, to satisfy both parties and protect the employees.

Matthew Sibley, Corporate Deal Executive, advised on the deal and welcomed the opportunity to advise and assist his client throughout the entirety of the sale. Both parties are happy with the result and prospects going forward, and we wish them well for the future.



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