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PM Precision Engineering Ltd

KBS Corporate has advised on the sale of PM Precision Engineering, a Surrey-based precision engineering firm.

The company designs and manufactures a wide range of precision engineering products from various raw materials, including brass, steel, zinc, plastic, titanium and aluminium. These products are then supplied by PM Precision Engineering to clients throughout the UK, mainly within the aerospace sector.

KBS Corporate conducted a research strategy which targeted businesses within the engineering and aerospace industries, in order to find a buyer that had good knowledge of the precision engineering sector, and the drive to take the business to the next level.

The acquirer was Mark Pyne of Cronus Engineering, a Luton-based supplier of engineering tools. Cronus ships products worldwide and has over 20,000 engineering and woodworking products available.

Mr Pyne’s expertise in the precision engineering sector, developed through his business interests in Cronus, perfectly complemented PM Precision Engineering, with both companies sharing similar values and product offerings. Post-sale, PM Precision Engineering was incorporated as PM Precision Engineering Limited by Mr Pyne.


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