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UK Assistance 24/7 is a provider of out-of-hours emergency home repairs. The Company has experienced considerable growth since its inception, with its reputation for an exceptional service, knowledgeable workforce and high-quality products ensuring the continued strength of the business.

The shareholders of UK Assistance 24/7 approached KBS Corporate with the sale of their business to facilitate the retirement plans of Britt and Andrew Taylor, with Aaron Lyons wishing to remain with the company post completion.

To enable this, KBS Corporate formed an approach focused on UK trade buyers, with the aim of seeking a synergistic purchase. This resulted in 23 interested parties, which KBS Corporate was able to use to generate two competing offers.

The successful offer came from UK trade buyer, Sedgwick who were looking to acquire UK Assistance 24/7 to bring a segment of their costs in house. There was already a relationship between the two companies as Sedgwick used UK Assistance 24/7 to facilitate many of their UK insurance claims. The acquisition will enable Sedgwick to streamline this experience.

Paul White, Sedgwick Chief Executive Officer in the UK commented: “We have had the pleasure of working with UKA247 on thousands of property claims and look forward to further growing our operations together with their talented colleagues and network of over 3,000 contractors.”

“This partnership will expand our home emergency support offerings and improve the customer experience for traditional property claims. Our streamlined process will ensure that customers receive rapid expert care during stressful and urgent claim events.”

Aaron Lyons, UK Assistance 24/7 Managing Director commented: “Our aim is to provide every customer with a cost-effective and reliable repair service.”

“We can now integrate our emergency repair operations with Sedgwick’s repair and restoration referral services, simplifying the process for all. By aligning with the support and depth of Sedgwick, I am confident that we will continue to offer the best emergency repair solutions for our customers.”

Charles Needham, Corporate Deal Executive at KBS Corporate, advised UK Assistance 24/7 and commented: “UK Assistance 24/7 will now benefit from a much larger client base; Sedgwick will profit from bringing costs in house. It was great to work with both companies and find a mutually beneficial solution.”


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