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Unitel One Source Limited

Manchester-based ISP and cloud service provider Unitel One Source has been acquired by Telappliant, the first acquisition in what will be an aggressive buy and build strategy.

Teleppliant Managing Director Tan Askoy said: “Unitel One Source’s ability to deliver infrastructure connectivity along with its technical team are an excellent fit for us.”

Gary Nield, Managing Director for Unitel One Source, added: “From our perspective this deal brings access to the London market, to greater reserves of financial and human capital, and the prospect of driving sales in much greater volumes.”

The acquisition of Unitel will offer Telappliant access to new markets, an expanded network services portfolio and a creative team to drive innovation. Unitel One Source will be fully integrated into Teleppliant, which now plans to roll out a data services portfolio alongside its VoIP services.


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