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The Utility Forum Limited

The Utility Forum Limited, one of the UK’s leading utility management service providers and energy specialists, has been acquired by Brightsourced Limited, a well-established procurement and market intelligence company.

Initially formed in 1988, The Utility Forum provides bespoke utility management services that aim to optimise the energy strategies of businesses across the UK, and having established an excellent reputation for providing an honest, professional and reliable service, the company has been able to build an excellent track record and develop a thorough understanding of its sector.

The Utility Forum was acquired by Brightsourced Limited, a provider of advanced procurement practices using market intelligence and technological expertise, helping organisations to improve quality, control, expenditure and profitability. Brightsourced’s acquisition of The Utility Forum will act as an ideal bolt-on to its existing procurement operations, allowing Brightsourced to expand into the optimisation of energy strategy, alongside its existing operations in general business and purchasing procurement.

Fabio Rambelli of KBS Corporate advised on the deal, and commented, “I personally believe that The Utility Forum will be extremely successful under the guidance of Brightsourced, with both companies possessing a shared interest in procurement and optimisation. I wish both parties the best of luck in their future endeavours.”


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