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  • The Core Values that define our culture, brand and strategy

    KBS Corporate is one of the UK’s leading sales specialists dedicated to providing bespoke services to shareholders who are considering the sale of their company. Our mission is to sell your company for maximum value using our extensive knowledge and experience in successfully completing hundreds of transactions across a wide range of sectors.

    Our goal is to lead the way in innovation, presentation, technical expertise and buyer reach and remain at the forefront of the UK company advisory and Corporate Finance marketplace. We are committed to continuously improving our services to enhance our client’s experience.

    Our Values

    We are committed to our clients
    We understand that no client is the same and therefore tailor our unique approach accordingly to suit each individual client’s circumstances.

    We are committed to our employees
    We believe that a team of well-trained individuals from diverse backgrounds carrying a wealth of experience, working together in an environment that is always respectful and operated on high levels of engagement, has hugely contributed to our success over the years.

    We operate our business ethically
    At KBS Corporate we are professional and maintain the highest standards of business behaviour, creating excellent and trusting relationships with our client’s, employees and our professional partners.

    We strive to continually improve
    We are an organisation that aims to respond to our clients ever changing needs and requirements through constant improvement and innovation.