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    Cross-border deals: How the world is getting smaller and why it’s good for M&A

    It cannot be disputed that the world feels much smaller nowadays; with technology and increased competition making the furthest corners of the Earth much more accessible. We are now in an era where we experience friendly M&A cross-boarder deals occurring without restriction; most industries are now embracing globalisation and advancements in technology and new means of communication let us connect with businesses on global scale – and this can only spell good news for the M&A market.

    Transactions throughout other countries and continents have steadily increased each year with figures showing that the UK has remained at the forefront of European M&A activity. At KBS, we now have over 700 international M&A advisers within our network, across 54 countries, allowing a seamless operation showing that communication is key to any successful M&A deal.



    Technology has played a big part in this, as companies have got to a point where they do not hesitate to make these cross-border deals with communication playing a key part in these deals.  This has fuelled M&A even further in recent years, our advisors can easily communicate with businesses across the world, ensuring there is no downtime in information being relayed to each party ensuring M&A deals can be brought to a completion much faster.


    Investment Banks

    Investment banks are now, more than ever, required to be global in their reach; and with this being embraced more it means that the banks that fail to offer cross-border services are proving to be less valuable to strategic buyers, this is increasing opportunities for businesses looking to expand through M&A.


    New Markets, New Opportunities

    Placing your business in a position where it is looking at global expansion through mergers and acquisitions not only lets you embrace globalisation; but these cross-border deals open you up to new markets and new opportunities. As businesses seek external growth, they are increasingly turning to cross-border M&A.

    Purchasing another business is a faster, more direct, approach to expanding a business; M&A deals in the global market offer less risk to your business. It certainly is a small world after all, if you are looking to acquire businesses and expand your global reach, contact KBS Corporate today.

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