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IT & Software Sector Insights

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    • Statistics on what is being achieved in the IT & Software sector
    • Recent examples of companies sold in the sector by KBS Corporate
    • Insights into the level of interest we are seeing from investors and acquirers
    • The key acquirers that are consolidating at high rates
    • How you can capitalise on the opportunities in IT & Software sector

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    Accurate data offers irrefutable proof, whereas relying on anecdotal evidence, assumptions, or abstract observations can result in squandering resources by acting upon erroneous conclusions.

    We invest heavily in developing sophisticated, personalized systems that harness “big data” from many leading sources. As a result, we have real-time access to information on companies actively pursuing acquisitions in the Recycling & Waste Management industry, as well as those with the requisite financial means and expertise to successfully complete a transaction.


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