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    K3 Capital Group plc witnessing fantastic growth in 2017

    In a recent interview with leading multi-media news organisation, Proactive Investors Limited, K3 Capital Group plc’s CEO, John Rigby, updated the publication with the Company’s latest developments.

    Commenting on the Company’s recent initial public offering and subsequent listing on AIM, John explained the phenomenal reaction from investors, arguing that the Group’s diverse and “All of market” style approach is what sets it apart from its competitors in a fragmented industry.

    Operating across three distinct brands, Knightsbridge, KBS Corporate and KBS Corporate Finance, the Group provides sector agnostic expertise to clients with varied service offerings and turnovers. John commented: “In terms of sectors we see them all as opportunities. We don’t feel the need to specialise in one particular area and we want to grow the businesses as aggressively as we can and therefore open as many doors for ourselves as we can.”

    This approach has proved successful with the Group witnessing continual growth over the years, as John explains: “Growth has been very strong. Since 2010 we have grown the business from circa £2m turnover to today in excess of £10m per annum and continuing to grow across all three business streams.”

    In terms of its most recent performance, the firm’s trading for the year to the end of May 2017 met comfortably with expectations in the market place.

    When asked about the future of K3 Capital, John remained positive in his outlook stating: “Growth in the business is certainly the key strategy. Our average completion fees across the business have grown significantly year-on-year, and continue to do so.”

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