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Navigating through the sale of a business without expert support can be a challenging journey that produces obstacles—costing you valuable time and money. At KBS Corporate, our expert team have years of experience in successfully guiding business owners in a wide variety of sale outcomes, resulting in us becoming the UK’s no.1 business sales advisor.

Who are the KBS Ambassadors?

As part of our process to further support business owners before, during, and after their sale journey, we’ve set up a robust network of former KBS clients to share their honest experiences and insights in working with KBS Corporate. This network consists of experts from numerous sectors with various motivations and expectations from the sale process. Our ambassadors have been involved in a wide range of deals, from SME acquisitions to corporate mergers, to an array of buyers. We call this group of professionals, the KBS Ambassadors.


1. Ambassador Directory

Our expert team will guide you through our KBS Ambassadors directory, which has been carefully developed over the years with professional partners and former clients who have a first-hand experience of the business sales process and what it is like to work with KBS Corporate.


2. Your Criteria

Together, we will find a KBS Ambasador that matches your criteria, from former clients within your sector or locale, to those whose exit ambitions and objectives closely align with your own.


3. Introduction

Finally, our team will look to set up an introduction between yourself and our Ambassador, and help to facilitate a phone call, video call, email exchange or written recommendation to help you understand our approach and what to expect from the process in finer detail.

“[The research carried out by KBS] actually taught me a little bit about my own business. It was very readable as well, which was also important.”

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