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Navigating your way through a business sale is not the easiest process, especially if it is a new experience for you as a company owner.

But with us in your corner, you can count on receiving all the support you need to fulfil your objectives – and that extends to the KBS Ambassador scheme.

What is a KBS Ambassador?

As they have also been in your situation, the KBS Ambassadors know exactly what is entailed in undertaking the sale of a business and they can provide a personal insight into what you can expect.

They are a community of business professionals who have encountered all aspects of a transaction. Along with previous clients and serial acquirers, the Ambassadors also comprise legal teams and accountants, all of whom are happy to share their honest experiences of working with us.

We believe their advice can go a long way towards helping you to realise your own personal goals through KBS Corporate, the UK’s No 1-ranked mid-market business sales company.

Who is included in the KBS Ambassador Directory?

The network of KBS Ambassadors is derived from a variety of sectors and types of business sale we have conducted over the last 25 years-plus in order to cover a broad range of experience of the services we provide.

Collectively, they form the KBS Ambassador Directory, which has been carefully developed over the years with professional partners and previous clients who are conversant with the business sales process and what it is like to work with KBS.

How do I connect with a KBS Ambassador?

If you are interested in speaking with one of our Ambassadors while your business sale progresses, simply let us know and we will consult our directory to identify the best match for you.

This will take into account your sector and location, whilst also factoring in your exit ambitions and objectives to ensure they are suitably aligned with those expressed by the Ambassador during their own sale.

How will I be introduced to a KBS Ambassador?

When our expert team have identified which Ambassador would be the best fit to advise you, they will facilitate the introduction at a time convenient to you both.

This will usually be in the form of a phone call during which you can gain a greater understanding of the work we do and what to expect from your business sale in finer detail.

What endorsements have the KBS Ambassadors made?

“From day one, KBS understood us as people, our love of the business and that it was the right time to exit. Their gentleness, understanding and appreciation that two ordinary people started a thing with a pound coin and a sheet of paper was inspirational. They don’t just sell businesses, they change lives.” – Gary Schaffer, Managing Director, Sock Academy.

“I thought the research and information was excellent. The quality was really, really good and very professionally done. The output was very good and I was very happy with the range of buyers.” – Gareth James, Founder, Intilery (marketing automation)

“The research carried out by KBS actually taught me a little bit about my own business. It was very readable as well, which was also important.” – Steve Nixon, Managing Director, Weldfast.

KBS Ambassador FAQs

  • Who are the KBS Ambassadors?

    Drawn from business owners, legal service providers and accountants, the Ambassadors all have first-hand knowledge of working with KBS and are therefore fully qualified to comment on what we do.

  • Why was the KBS Ambassadors scheme set up?

    We are fully aware that company owners, and other professionals who have been involved in a business sales transaction, are best placed to pass on the benefit of their personally acquired experience in what can be a complex environment.

  • What sort of support do the KBS Ambassadors offer?

    Our network of ambassadors is carefully selected so they can provide an ideal and unique insight that gives potential KBS clients impartial guidance on what to expect from their business sales journey with us.

  • Will the KBS Ambassadors be happy to speak to me?

    Yes – their sole focus in the Ambassador role is to help business owners like you make an informed decision about whether to proceed with a sale and to give an insight into the KBS service.


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