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KBS Corporate Advise on Acquisition of Equi-Ads Ltd

Scotland based Equi-Ads is a market leading, ad-supported, specialist equestrian magazine publisher. The business has achieved its positive reputation by supplying a quality, informative and professional publication to an ever increasing customer base. Boasting impressive circulation figures in excess of 50,000 per month and has subsequently diversified into offering a Home magazine and a fashion & style magazine; each of which are under the known and trusted name of ‘Equi-Homes’ and ‘Equi-Style’ respectively.

Through KBS Corporate’s targeted marketing a thorough research process, the acquirer, a family run trade buyer, Stone Leisure Limited was identified. The acquisition will allow Stone Leisure to develop the business and add to its ongoing success, reflected in nearly 50 years of trading through publications including: Motorhome Monthly and Motorhome and Campervan Magazine, in addition to Cycling World, On Board Windsurfing Magazine, Surf Magazine and Heavy Duty Motorcycle Magazine.

The acquisition was an ideal fit for Stone Leisure’s continued growth plans and the quick, cash on completion transaction allowed the clients at Equi-Aids an imminent exit in order to pursue further business interests.


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