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KBS Corporate named the most active adviser in Midlands

The number of completed deals in the Midlands for H1 2018 was 186% higher than H1 2016, indicating the high levels of growth across the region’s economy.

Manufacturing was one of the region’s busiest industries, with deals worth a total of £9.8bn. Other sectors also saw high levels of deal activity and the Midlands saw several mega deals.

KBS Corporate were the busiest adviser across the Midlands, placing above Numis Securities and KPMG, according to the Experian Business Research H1 2018 report.

Some of the deals completed by KBS Corporate include the sale of Avensys UK Group, by HERMED Technische Beratung GmbH, part of the VAMED Group, a leading provider of international healthcare.Robert Strange, CEO, and Steve Holt, MD, commented as follows;

“I am very happy that with HERMED we have found a strong and competent partner who optimally complements our offering. Both the service portfolios and the corporate cultures are ideally matched. We see great potential for synergies and are convinced that we can sustainably increase our growth in the UK market with the support of our new partners. Everyone will profit from this in the future – we, our employees and, above all, our customers!”

Other deals included the sale of Midlands based European Corrosion Supplies, as well as the acquisition of M Science by Esendex Limited.

KBS Corporate completed a number of deals across a variety of sectors – ranging from wholesale and retail to IT and telecommunications.

The Midlands continues to be attractive to a wide range of buyers and the M&A activity across region is set to continue, as more and more companies, both nationally and internationally, look to expand and diversify.


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