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KBS Corporate Oversees Sale of Soar Mill Seeds Ltd

KBS Corporate has assisted with negotiations to complete the sale of Devon based Soar Mill Seeds Ltd. The acquisition was made by £8m Lancashire based trade buyer R&E Bamford Ltd, who own the Bamfords Top Flight Brand.

Soar Mill, a mail order, multi channel wild bird seed and related products and accessories business was initially formed by our clients Colin and Vanessa Mills under a partnership in October 2000.

R&E Bamford Ltd, a third generation, independently owned company, have been involved in the Animal Feed and Pet Trade for over 70 years, and with continued investment, has seen production and capacity increase significantly over the past few years. Bamfords acquired the assets and Intellectual Property of Soar Mill Seeds Ltd for an undisclosed sum on 10th January 2013, in a deal which has enabled clients Colin and Vanessa Mills to have a complete exit from the business in order to focus on their other interests. The business will be relocated to Lancashire.

Senior Deal Executive at KBS Corporate, Guy Haynes, who handled the sale process from start to finish, commented, “This deal offered our clients a clean exit from the business, and equally importantly, our clients believe that Bamfords will be able to build on their hard work and take the business to the next level. KBS Corporate wishes both buyer and seller well for the future.”


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