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    The importance of going global

    Overseas acquirers are looking more and more to the UK for strategic acquisition opportunities. This appetite has become increasingly more prevalent in recent years and interest from this route continues to grow. One of the reasons the UK is an attractive proposition for overseas acquirers is that, currently, corporation tax stands at 21%; a competitive figure that is set to drop even further to 20% in April 2015, which makes the UK joint lowest in the G20. This, along with the fact that UK companies have a reputation for innovation; investing heavily in research and development to move their businesses forward, has emphasised the importance for KBS Corporate to adopt a truly Global approach.


    According to UK Trade & Investment, the UK is the top European country for Foreign Direct Investment and, in a recent report, Invest in the UK: your springboard for global growth, it was highlighted that international business leaders are displaying increased confidence in UK businesses. The UK has a robust and stable economy which provides an attractive, secure investment opportunity for overseas acquirers. This economic strength is set to continue and, by 2030, the UK economy is predicted to become the largest in Europe, according to the International Monetary Fund. Other economic elements attracting overseas interest are that UK businesses have relatively low barriers to entry and low levels of ‘red tape’ for acquirers to negotiate.


    KBS Corporate’s Global Company Data resources provide comprehensive company details and profiling of over 90 million prospective purchasers, enabling our dedicated team of research analysts to identify an extensive range of appropriate, potential overseas acquirers. This research is tailored on a case by case basis, where we focus on European prospects or solely concentrate on one country in particular; alternatively, in certain projects, we may just want to target the US market or the Far East market. This approach ensures a bespoke research strategy that is best suited to the business in question. We will also implement a specific online strategy to capture active potential acquirers.


    Offering a truly international perspective, our worldwide alliance network, KBS Global, provides assistance in identifying and reaching buyers from across the globe. KBS select partners who boast extensive track records in handling global company sale transactions across a wide range of industries. We have partnerships with M&A advisors and professionals in more than 50 countries worldwide; these partnerships provide valuable knowledge of active buyers and investors within the respective countries. The local and cultural knowledge offered by our global partners, combined with their experience in cross border deal completions, allows KBS Corporate to deliver a unique service that is of great benefit to our clients.


    KBS Corporate recognise the importance of adopting a global approach to buyer targeting and effectively utilise our specifically developed resources in order to capitalise on the potential value achievable through a global strategy. As such, our global intelligence software, international M&A partnerships and exclusive global buyer sourcing techniques are unrivalled within the industry. This extensive global reach capability has enabled us to drive company sale values higher as international acquirers have often presented offers in excess of those offered by UK counterparts.


    If you are considering selling your company then speak to KBS Corporate about KBS Global and how it can help you to achieve maximum value for your business sale.

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