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Attracting The Best Buyers For Your Business

KBS Corporate has the resources and experience required to find a buyer for your business. We can attract the best buyers and find private equity investors on an international basis.

What Is A Buyer For A Business?

Upon completion of the sale, the buyer of your business will take legal control of the company and its assets. Potential buyers can be competitors, suppliers, customers or an investment firm. We ask the right questions to potential buyers to find a new home for your business.

There are a variety of buyers that could see your business as an ideal opportunity. They could be synergistic and trade buyers strengthening their position in the market or private equity investors looking to diversify their portfolio.

How We Can Help You Find A Buyer For Your Business

By working closely with KBS Corporate, you will be able to explore buyer market interest as effectively as possible.

Understanding the opportunity: We will spend time with you to understand your business and its strengths. Once we have a complete picture and a suitable marketing package, we will approach potential buyers of your business whom we know will be attracted to your company.

Expansive network of buyers: Over years of hard work as a market leader, we have established a network of interested parties and an extensive buyer reach that will allow us to find a buyer for your business. We know what questions to ask potential buyers of your business, streamlining the entire process.

International interest: We do not exclusively approach business buyers and private equity investors on a national basis. Our network allows us to attract the best buyers for your business in a variety of international territories, approaching parties across multiple industries to ensure you have several options.

Active communication: KBS Corporate will act as first point of contact for potential buyers, actively liaising with them to identify their motivations and why they will be a suitable buyer for your business.

Buyer competition: As we operate with such an extensive buyer network, we can create positive competition between parties looking to buy your business, ensuring you receive offers which maximise the value of your company.

Where we look to find the best buyer
for your business



    Based on our bespoke technology platforms and the vast experience of our researchers, we can identify UK trade buyers across a range of private and publicly quoted vertical, horizontal and synergistic sectors. We have access to over 4.5m UK companies as well as data on over 1.7m previous transactions in the M&A market to ensure your business is seen by the right trade acquirers.

  • Across


    Our bespoke database, software and researchers allow us to target a range of competitive, complementary, strategic and synergistic buyers from across Europe. We have successfully completed many cross-border transactions to European buyers.

  • Globally


    Through utilising our bespoke data systems and our worldwide alliance network, we provide a truly international approach, looking beyond European borders, vastly increasing the opportunities for your business. Our deal team have a global coverage to facilitate cross-border transactions effectively.



    Our internal resources and professional network means we work closely with private equity contacts of all sizes. We have a rich history of achieving investments from PE firms which have far exceeded our clients’ initial value expectations.

  • Across


    The KBS team have decades of entrepreneurial experience, having secured investments for their own companies, creating a network of connections across Europe. Private equity houses looking to invest in the UK are targeted by our knowledgeable team to ensure the widest range of options is delivered to you.

  • Globally


    Our pro-active, thorough approach means that no stone is left unturned and our team of researchers will identify a range of potential private equity investors from across the globe. Over the years we have established strong connections with PE firms in the United States and beyond, generating a thorough mix of potential investment options that can take your business to the next level.

  • Institutional


    We will target a wide range of potential institutional investments to deliver results that can help you achieve your objectives. These might include pension funds, investment banks, and mutual funds.  Our bespoke Buyer Matching Engine uses big data to track and identify potential acquirers within any given industry.

  • Alternative


    As part of our dedication to ensuring you receive multiple offers, our holistic approach also ensures that we consider investors such as investments by family offices, identifying opportunities to pursue an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) and determining the validity of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Our team will ensure every avenue of potential investment is explored to provide you with the widest range of options.

  • KBS Retained

    KBS Retained

    We have a comprehensive buyer database with thousands of registered buyers, comprising of trusted buyers we have previously worked with and over 10,000 Management Buy In candidates / private buyers. These buyers are pre-vetted and have the financial capability to make acquisitions. Our network is constantly expanding and covers key contacts from all sectors.

  • acquirer profiling
    acquirer profiling

    We undertake an acquirer profile brainstorming session between you and the KBS Corporate Research Team in order to build up a picture of the purchaser’s likely attributes

  • identifying prospects
    identifying prospects

    Utilising both our bespoke Buyer Matching Engine and traditional desk research, we will identify potential acquirers and create your Research Strategy Report.

  • evaluating prospects
    evaluating prospects

    We will work closely with you to evaluate the initial prospect list and identify and prioritise those who all parties feel could potentially be a suitable acquirer for your company

  • proactive targeting
    proactive targeting

    Based on our discussions, we will commence a proactive, multi-channel targeting campaign to open a dialogue with those we have identified as potential acquirers

  • obtaining interest
    obtaining interest

    We will obtain signed non-disclosure agreements from interested parties and apply further screening to ascertain their purchase capability

  • final qualification
    final qualification

    We discuss all interest with yourself as and when it is received, and offer our recommendations as to where we believe we should release more information and invite offers for the business

Ways Of Attracting The Best Buyer For Your Business

KBS Corporate will use many proven methods to attract the best buyer for your business. Our experience in a variety of industries allows us to approach potential buyers and private equity investors with an opportunity that attracts them.

To attract the best buyers, we would advise you to consider the following:

Work with a business sales adviser like KBS Corporate: We can provide wider access to a large volume of business buyers and investors. KBS Corporate maintains strong relationships with individuals and companies we know are looking to acquire.

Choose an adviser who values your objectives: We will prioritise your objectives throughout the entirety of the process. While it may seem appealing to pursue the largest offer, KBS Corporate understands you want your business to go to a buyer who will be best equipped to achieve future success.

Highlight your company’s strengths: Regular communication with you will allow us to identify the key selling points of your company that potential buyers will be looking for when considering an acquisition or investment.

Use effective marketing materials: KBS Corporate produces detailed information memorandums to communicate company strengths in a concise, effective manner. Our marketing materials will outline unique selling points which encourage further discussions with KBS Corporate.

Be transparent: There is no need to conceal weaknesses when approaching potential buyers of your business. Selling a business is a comprehensive process and you will be best served communicating weaknesses your business may have and mitigating concerns from the beginning to protect your company’s value.

Speak to multiple buyers: You will have the opportunity to speak to multiple buyers, all of whom will have varying proposals of why they are the right buyer for your company. You can be presented with varying deal structures, ensuring you can fulfil your objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding Buyers For Your Business

  • What types of business buyers are there?

    There is a broad range of business buyers with varying motivations. We regularly communicate with trade buyers looking for synergies with our opportunities, as well as private equity investors. On your behalf, we will communicate with potential buyers who have the resources and capabilities to offer you the right deal.

  • Who can buy my business?

    Your business could be bought by anyone with the resources and interest to pursue a company acquisition. Buyers have several ways in which they can finance buying a business, enabling you to benefit from our extensive buyer reach.

  • How long does it take for someone to buy my business?

    Buying a business can be a time-consuming process which requires dedication and determination. KBS Corporate does not rush the process, investing time in identifying potential buyers to realise the true value of your business. Our skilled business sellers can advise you on factors which may affect timescales, including current market trends.

  • What is a private equity investor?

    Private equity investors are seeking partnerships, buying into businesses to grow operations and add further value. Many private equity investments are buy-outs where a majority stake is purchased, providing existing shareholders with some retained control. The capital raised from private equity investors can allow companies to invest and expand.

  • Do I need to have my business valued before finding a business buyer?

    The value of a company is not a static figure. By finding the right buyer, we will be able to position you face-to-face with parties who are willing to pay high multiples to acquire companies that satisfy their own growth plans. By working with KBS Corporate, you can communicate with buyers and investors that offer you the value you deserve.

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