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Referral Scheme

The KBS referral scheme aims to create a mutually beneficial partnership between third-party advisors and our Group by assisting any clients who are looking to sell their business.

If one or more of your clients are seriously considering a sale, you should encourage them to seek representation from a dedicated business sales specialist. In turn, you will benefit from a continued relationship with your client who otherwise may turn to an alternative firm to seek advice and help them to realise a sale.

You will also benefit from an introduction fee, should your client instruct our services, as well as a share of completion fees upon successful negotiation of the sale. The value of these fees can potentially be comparable to several years’ worth of audit fees.

Together, we can
achieve more

With a suite of advisors who are fully engaged in the sale process, higher values can be achieved in a timely manner that outperform expectations. Our experts can also introduce your clients to a range of buyer types, with experience in facilitating deals to trade and private equity buyers, both domestic and international, as well working with the existing management team to assist with a potential takeover.

Let us prove it!

We are confident that we can demonstrate how our services can provide added value to both yourself and a potential client. Let us show you how our presentational skills and buyer sourcing techniques have led to clients obtaining values in excess of their initial expectations.

Future income streams that you may benefit from include:

  • Due diligence and shadow due diligence
  • Tax consultancy
  • Funds under management
  • Future investment activities

We are a multi-award winning, all-of-market advisor offering an unparalleled service from buyer sourcing to deal execution and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss a potential partnership with you, and would be delighted to arrange a meeting in order to discuss the referral fees on offer and explore the partnership in further detail

If you have any further questions, or are interested in joining
the referral scheme, please get in touch

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