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Corporate Finance Advisory & Consultancy

Our Corporate Finance division is a fully Director-led boutique M&A advisory, specialising in working with a select few clients on sales valued up to £200m.

Our Corporate Finance Services

When it comes to corporate financing, we have a long and proven history of delivering results for our clients thanks to our vast experience in business sales lead advisory and transaction support.

Our boutique, tailor-made corporate finance advisory service ensures every deal is approached in a unique way, putting the best interests of you and your business as the full focus of the process.

Specialising in business sales with values of up to £200 million for entrepreneurs and SMEs, we truly understand that any decision you make regarding the future direction of your company is of great importance. That is why our corporate finance advisory services are offered to only a select few clients at any point, which means we can devote all the time, attention and effort you deserve.

Our Corporate Finance Consulting Successes

As market-leading corporate finance consultants, we work alongside some of the most prestigious companies within their industry in ensuring the maximum value for our clients.

For example, South Staffordshire Plc, which operates two regulated water companies and a range of complementary non-regulated businesses serving essential services markets, was identified by KBS Corporate as the ideal acquirer for Infrastructure Gateway Ltd.

Another of our latest corporate finance advisory success stories was the management buy-out of employee health and wellbeing benefits provider Vivup, backed by private equity firm Omni Partners.

Corporate financing in the form of substantial investment was also secured when we oversaw a partnership formed between digital document scanning company Storetec and Bridges Fund Management to support expansion and sustainable growth.

Global Corporate Finance Advisory

An understandable concern about negotiating a corporate finance deal with an overseas acquirer or investor is that the process could be fraught with difficulty, perhaps regarding potential language barriers or legal complications.

However, at KBS Corporate we remove any such fear factor thanks to our vast experience in facilitating corporate finance transactions to overseas trade acquirers.

Companies in the UK are the third most in demand across the world behind the United States and China as global buyers actively seek high-quality corporate finance acquisitions and take advantage of favourable exchange rates.

One in four acquirers of UK companies are from overseas and with multi-lingual speakers in our corporate finance analyst team, we have advised on many successful business sales involving international buyers – and our experience has shown a cross-border deal can deliver significantly more overall value to a company owner than a domestic trade sale.

Why Choose KBS for Corporate Finance Consulting?

Our ultra-professional, dedicated corporate finance advisory team possess vast experience across a range of key disciplines including accountancy, business management and marketing. Their comprehensive range of skills is utilised throughout the duration of the project to achieve maximum value for your company.

Perfectly qualified to relate to your situation, our corporate finance directors have themselves built, sold, floated and secured investments into many businesses. Therefore, we can provide you with a personal corporate finance consulting service comprising full project management.

Combining this with our tailored business sales strategy, presentational expertise and comprehensive buyer-sourcing techniques, we offer an unrivalled corporate finance advisory service.

We know every corporate financing transaction is personal and important, which is why we invest all the time required to understand every key detail of your business from operational, managerial, financial and strategic viewpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Corporate Finance

  • Why choose corporate finance?

    Essentially, the purpose of corporate finance consultants is to secure funding and to increase, or ideally maximise, the value of a business for its shareholders. Enlisting the experience of a leading corporate finance advisory firm such as KBS Corporate can help considerably in this regard.

  • What do corporate finance analysts do?

    In conjunction with full input from yourself, our experts will examine all aspects of your business to consider the future direction that best suits yours and the company’s needs. This corporate finance advice could include creating investment proposals and making recommendations about how the business operates to ensure it is on the best possible financial trajectory.

  • How does corporate finance work?

    Corporate finance encompasses how businesses fund their operations to maximise profits and value for shareholders while minimising costs. Among the key aspects are the day-to-day impact on cashflow as well as long-term financing goals. Our corporate finance services also comprise taxation and due diligence.

  • Is corporate finance the same as accounting?

    In short, no. There are similarities but also subtle differences. For example, if a corporate finance advisor makes recommendations about the future direction of a business, accounting professionals will often then prepare financial statements and documents in accordance with that information. As a corporate finance advisory firm, we will be out in front during a transaction working with the support of the accounting team.

  • Is corporate finance the same as investment banking?

    Again, the two terms should not be used in the same context. While corporate finance involves both acquiring funding and managing a company’s assets, investment banking is more specialised and is focused on growth by way of raising capital in the public markets.

  • Is M&A the same as corporate finance?

    Similarly to the answer above, corporate finance is a broader term than M&A (mergers and acquisitions). Indeed, M&A is among the range of corporate finance services and the specialism of KBS.

  • Is private equity corporate finance?

    Like M&A, private equity is a division of corporate finance and refers to a means of funding. For example, if a management buy-out or buy-in takes place at a company, it will often be backed by private equity. There will usually be a timeframe in which the private equity fund wants to achieve a targeted level of growth before exiting, typically five to seven years.

  • What are the three main areas of corporate finance?

    The three main corporate financing areas are Capital Budgeting, which is the process in which businesses evaluate potential major projects or investments; Capital Financing, which is how money is raised from lenders and equity-holders both for short and long-term needs; and Working Capital Management, the strategy devised to ensure a company operates efficiently by utilising its assets and liabilities to best use.

  • What do corporate finance analysts do?

    As an industry-leading corporate finance advisory firm, we put your best interests first. More specifically, we will undertake a bespoke approach to your transaction underpinned by the four key facets to our business sales service – understanding your objectives; professional presentation of your opportunity; comprehensive reach to prospective acquirers; and delivering your desired outcome.

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