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Whether it has been passed down through generations or is a testament to a lifetime of work, we have no doubt there has been blood, sweat and tears invested into building your business into what it is today.

It is never too early to start thinking about selling your business. You may wish to explore an outright sale, partial sell down or seek private equity investment. Whatever your decision, our business sellers are here to supply the expertise, experience and technical knowledge you need to sell a business in a way that is tailored to you.

Our Process For Selling A Business

Selling a business can be a daunting task and our business sales agents will work closely with you to streamline the process and find the right buyer. A specialist team of business sellers will lead all aspects of the sale, giving you access to the resources and expertise required to successfully sell your business.

Following your consultation with our sales agents, KBS Corporate’s operations team will collect the necessary data which highlights the strengths of your business. We understand the value of your company can be maximised with the correct approach to the market and identifying the most suitable business buyers.

As market-leading business sellers, we have qualified experts across multiple specialisms, using their vast knowledge of market trends to advise on sale options and ensure you have the information available to make informed decisions.

How To Prepare For Selling A Company

  • There are multiple ways to prepare for a business sale, ensuring you are in position to achieve the value your company deserves:
  • Get The Right Advisor To Help Sell Your Business
    KBS Corporate offers a tailored, stress-free service that will give you the time required to maximise your business value.
  • Understand What Your Business Is Worth
    Our business sellers will assist you in balancing your company valuation, rewarding you for your hard work without pricing you out of the market.
  • Assess Your Business Exit Options
    There will be several deal structures for you to consider when selling your business, whether it is a clean break or private equity investment.
  • Identify The Right Time To Sell Your Business
    KBS Corporate can advise you on the right time to approach potential buyers and guide you through the process.
  • Prepare For A Confidential Business Sale
    Confidentiality is a key element of our business selling service, ensuring your employees, customers and competitors do not discover the business sale until it is necessary.
  • Understand The Tax Situation For Your Business Sale
    Tax can often be the single biggest cost when selling a business. We have the resources, including our sister company K3 Tax Advisory, to deliver the advice required to mitigate tax implications.
  • If you would like to know more, please see our top ten tips for selling a business to start preparing for your sale.

Get Expert Support When Selling A Company

One day soon, it will be time to reap the rewards of growing your business. Speak to an adviser who understands your sacrifices — advisers who have been in your shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling A Company

  • How long does it take KBS Corporate to sell a business?

    Selling a business is a multi-stage process that requires time and patience. We will spend the time to consult with you, building a relationship that will equip our business sales agents with the knowledge required to successfully sell your business. Finding the right buyer can take an extended period of time, but it is critical to find a buyer that fulfils all of your objectives.

  • Who should I sell my business to?

    You will have a variety of options when you are ready to sell your business. You may wish to consider selling the entirety of your company to a trade buyer looking to expand. Alternatively, a private equity investment could provide you with the resources required to oversee further expansion personally. We have an extensive network of buyers, allowing you to study all possibilities.

  • What do you need to sell a business?

    It is beneficial to carefully consider your business sale before approaching the market. You can liaise with our business sales agents at KBS Corporate to pinpoint your objectives and expectations, as well as aligning your company’s operations to satisfy what a buyer might be looking for. This could include structuring and strengthening your workforce, as well as clarifying the status of any contracts and leases held by your business.

  • Can I sell half of my business?

    Of course. There is a broad range of buyers with varying interests. You do not have to commit to a full sale of your business if you are looking to maintain a level of involvement and control in the company. We maintain long-standing relationships with buyers who are ready to provide alternative deal structures.

  • Can KBS Corporate sell a business with debt?

    Selling a business with debt simply adds an additional factor to consider during negotiations. KBS Corporate will lead discussions with interested parties to ensure any debt attached to your business is reflected in the final valuation in a way that satisfies everyone involved in the deal.

  • How much will my business be worth when I sell it?

    The valuation of the business can be influenced both internally and externally. Buyers will consider your financial performance and operational infrastructure, and current market activity will dictate how profitable your company can be. Our business sellers have a clear understanding of existing market trends, enabling us to position your company as effectively as possible.

  • Can I sell my business with a bounce back loan?

    You can sell a business with a bounce back loan. If you are selling your business via a share sale, the new owners may take on liability for its repayment. However, many business sales will be completed on a case-free, debt-free basis and you will have the opportunity to repay the bounce back loan before completion.

  • What are the tax implications of selling a business?

    Tax requires significant consideration when selling your business. If you sell your business for a profit, you will have to pay Capital Gains Tax on anything above your tax-free allowance. K3 Tax Advisory, our sister company, has a team of specialist advisers who know how to mitigate any implications that will arise during the sale of your business.

  • How much will it cost to sell my business?

    There are several costs to consider when selling your business, including adviser fees for marketing your business and securing a sale, as well as solicitor fees when conducting due diligence. KBS Corporate prides itself on offering a tailored, bespoke service, charging a competitive rate that fairly reflects our involvement in the sale.

  • What happens upon the completion of selling my business?

    Once the sale has been completed, legal ownership of the company will be transferred to the buyer. Over the following days, final responsibilities will include announcements and notifications, such as informing Companies House, as well as payment of stamp duty if required. You may spend the coming weeks assisting the buyer with integrating the company into their own organisation before reaping the rewards of the sale.


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