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  • One of our unique strengths at KBS Corporate is our knowledge of why companies buy other companies. This comes from our Directors’ own experience of buying companies and working within corporate development teams of larger companies. We understand corporate strategy and how this leads to mergers and acquisitions to complement organic business development.
    Through years of corporate experience, KBS has built an extensive knowledge of why companies buy other companies and, in turn, how to value a business with the utmost accuracy. This comes from our Directors’ own background in buying companies and working within the development teams of larger businesses. Our solid understanding of corporate strategy has helped us to build a reputation for stellar corporate communication, as well as an outstanding level of business valuation expertise.

    How does KBS value my business?

    There are a number of ways you can get a clearer picture of your company’s value. Advisors and accountants can sometimes have differing views on business valuations, however the reality is that its worth is ultimately determined by how much a buyer is prepared to pay for it. Having the right advisors and an experienced team behind the acquisition is key to delivering the maximum possible results from a sale. From the initial meeting and the early stages of the sales process, KBS Corporate does the research to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company. We appreciate the nuances of the acquisition opportunity in order to point you in the best direction – giving you all the information you need to make a decision.

    A comprehensive search for your perfect buyer

    KBS Corporate offers the most comprehensive search for your perfect buyer. We do our utmost to ensure that we are speaking to as many qualified buyers as possible and our rigorous search process will ensure that we maximise the prospective buyer list and target the most appropriate acquirers. This ‘competitive interest’ will play a major part in leveraging the number of offers that you receive and our presentational material will ensure that the company attributes and ‘value drivers’ are presented to the prospective buyers that we have identified. KBS Corporate has all the qualities required to deliver this level of service, using a creative and personal approach throughout. This approach, which has been developed over many years of successfully completing hundreds of company sale transactions, allows us to maximise interest and deliver multiple offers for you, ultimately maximising your company’s value.

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