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Driving Maximum Value

There are a number of historic ways to value a business, from multiples of profit or turnover, to comparisons with previous acquisitions in similar sectors. The reality is that value is determined by how much a buyer is prepared to pay for it.

Therefore, it is imperative to identify and nurture relevant and motivated buyers in order to promote a scenario of competing bidders. KBS Corporate prides itself on going beyond historic valuations in order to exceed our client’s expectations.

From the initial meeting, we will begin to identify ‘value drivers’ that acquirers will relate to and spark an appetite within them to acquire. These may include current and future financial performance; contractual and guaranteed future income; the skills and experience of management and staff; ease of integration and synergies with potential acquirers; the market position and sector in which it operates and intellectual property, patents and trademarks.

How KBS Corporate helps you to maximise your value

  • We create market-leading documentation
  • We build financial forecasts in order to articulate future value
  • We offer unparalleled buyer reach in order to find your perfect buyer
  • We harness proprietary technology and ‘big data’ to create competitive tension
  • We employ an experienced team with the knowhow and technical skill to drive the transaction
  • We provide complete project management, including offering inclusive legal fees, so that control of the transaction is maintained throughout

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