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Receiving the correct corporate legal advice is an essential requirement in any business sales transaction.

We can provide our clients with peace of mind by offering them the opportunity to team up with one of our corporate legal services partners.

Our Corporate Legal Services Partners

Our pool of business sales legal advisers has been carefully selected based on their considerable experience and expertise in helping to facilitate successful transactions.

And there is further reassurance for you as our partners’ legal fees for their services in business sales are outlined from the beginning and incorporated into the transaction success fee, which means they are fully contingent and only payable at completion.

The areas in which our corporate legal services partners specialise are:

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be drawn up which restricts one or both parties in the transaction from disclosing that discussions are taking place, as well as any terms and conditions of the deal and information about the business of another party involved.

The negotiation process is not simply a matter of settling upon a price for a business sale. It requires definitive contracts to be agreed which confirm the responsibilities of each party.

Due diligence
The data of the target business will be audited on behalf of the acquirer as part of the mergers and acquisitions legal services process to verify the accuracy of the financial information presented.

Heads of Terms
The agreement, which can be also known as a Letter of Intent, between the seller and buyer which sets out the terms of the acquisition agreed in principle, prior to the legally binding stage.

Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)
The binding legal contract that obligates the transaction to occur and finalises the terms and conditions of the sale.

Below you can see our leading legal counsel partners who possess a wealth of experience in advising sellers and buyers on both sales and acquisitions.

Legal Fees for Business Sales

Contingent fees are designed to protect you once the transaction has reached the legal stage. This means you will not be liable for any legal fees should the business sale break down through no fault of yours, and therefore the fees are contingent on a successful conclusion to the deal. If you appoint your own corporate legal adviser, any legal work carried out up to this stage is likely to be chargeable.

Once the transaction has been completed, the legal fees payable to KBS Corporate will not deviate from the transaction fee outlined at the point of instruction, which means no unwelcome surprises as legal fees will be transparent and clearly set out from the start.

Why Choose Our Corporate Legal Advisers?

The panel of corporate legal service providers we choose to work with is due to their many years of experience in advising sellers and buyers on both sides of a transaction.

This is how their vast legal knowhow can benefit you throughout your business sales process:

  • Providing the highest level of corporate transaction expertise
  • Providing experience in dealing with cross-border, investment and Plc transactions
  • Taking ownership of issues and providing solutions
  • Anticipating problem areas and presenting them appropriately to the buyer on your behalf
  • Ensuring buyers can carry out a focused due diligence exercise efficiently, in a way which suits the seller
  • Helping to maintain control of the transaction until the point of completion
  • In the unlikely event that legal work is started but the sale does not complete, no legal fees for mergers and acquisitions service provided will be payable

Our Corporate Legal Services Successes

Clients frequently express their satisfaction with the business sale legal services we provide via our panel of trusted corporate legal advisers.

One example was Amanda Tuff, shareholder of Tuffpipes Ltd, a manufacturer of rigid PVC ducting which KBS Corporate sold to Naylor Industries Plc.

Amanda gave us a 5-star rating on Google and commented:

Decided to instruct KBS in the sale of our business. The sale was completed in record time within eight months. We signed up for the legal package at the beginning of the deal, the solicitor instructed was professional and efficient. We would recommend KBS to anyone selling a business.

Of course, a professional relationship needs to work both ways and it gives us immense satisfaction when one of our corporate legal advisers goes well beyond the call of duty.

This was the case when Will Griffiths, KBS Corporate Deal Executive, oversaw the sale of Stellarise Ltd to Velocity Managed Services with the help of Ison Harrison, describing the corporate legal advice provided by Victoria Boid as “exceptional”

Additionally, the business sales legal counsels with whom we are partnered have also complimented our work. Adam Gilbert, formerly of Chattertons Solicitors and now of AG Corporate Law Ltd, also left us a 5-star Google review and said:

I’ve worked with the KBS team for around six years and completed around 40-plus transactions with them in that time.

I have been really impressed with the way they conduct and chase the deal until completion. Each of them is a pleasure to deal with and extremely helpful throughout the transaction, and importantly to get the right outcome for the clients. They always make time to explain or pick up the phone to clients.”

“They develop a good relationship with the buy-side, which I think helps to smooth the transaction to completion. Likewise, though, they are not scared to have the ‘tough’ conversation with the other side if it’s not right for the client.”

“If you are considering selling your business, I would highly recommend speaking to them.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Corporate Legal Services

  • What are corporate legal services?

    Corporate legal advice is an essential requirement for anyone trying to navigate the complexities of a business sale. It can be a difficult environment to understand for those not qualified or experienced in the legal side of business sales and so we wholeheartedly recommend partnering with a specialist who can guide you through the process.

  • Why does a company need corporate legal services?

    There are, of course, two parties of fundamental importance in a business sale, the buyer and seller. You can be sure the buyer will have enlisted the best possible corporate legal advice due to the magnitude of the investment they are making, so partnering with a business sales legal counsel of the highest quality will strengthen your position.

  • What is the difference between corporate and commercial law?

    Corporate law is the branch of corporate legal services that relates to companies and their structuring, i.e. formation, management and conduct, including the rights and obligations of individuals involved. Commercial law, meanwhile, regulates and governs commercial transactions and business deals, including insurance, importing and exporting, and banking.

  • What are the common legal challenges faced by businesses?

    In general, there are several, but regarding mergers and acquisitions legal services one of the main challenges is the drafting of contracts, in which absolute precision is essential. Also, a business sale may be required to resolve a potentially hostile dispute between shareholders, producing inevitable challenges of its own, and that is why expert legal M&A advice is so critical.

  • Can corporate legal advisers assist with contract drafting and negotiations?

    This is part and parcel of teaming up with a business sales legal professional and comes under the standard range of services they provide.

  • What role do corporate legal advisers play in business sales?

    In short, a very important role! The best business sales legal advice is paramount to ensuring a transaction is completed as smoothly as possible, and our panel of specialist partners is available to provide that.

  • How can corporate legal services help protect a company's assets and minimise liability?

    An asset-protection plan can prevent, or significantly reduce, risk by insulating your business and personal assets from the claims of creditors. Utilising legal strategies, which are put in place before a lawsuit or claim arises, the asset-protection plan can deter a potential claimant or help prevent the seizure of your assets following a court judgement.

  • Are there specific regulations that corporate legal advisers can help businesses navigate?

    Among the main aims of corporate legal advice is to help businesses understand and comply with regulatory requirements. Numerous laws and regulations govern every aspect of a company and these can be complex, confusing and difficult to keep up with. Therefore, it is important to avail yourself of corporate legal services to ensure these rules and regulations are adhered to and easily navigated.

  • What are the potential legal risks for businesses and how can corporate legal services mitigate them?

    As mentioned above, there are risks associated with contracts which must be watertight, while a fluid regulatory environment also means the value of corporate legal advice cannot be underplayed. Your business sales legal counsel can help you to understand the contracts you sign and to keep on top of new and changing regulations.

  • Can corporate legal services assist with international business transactions and legal matters?

    This will probably only apply to you if your business is to be the subject of a cross-border M&A transaction, but it is not difficult to find a corporate legal adviser who is well versed in international law and equipped to help companies and individuals navigate unfamiliar legal territory.

  • What are your typical billing structures for corporate legal services?

    The advantage of utilising the corporate legal services of one of our panel of trusted business sales legal partners is that their fees are contingent – they are clearly set out at the beginning of the process and only payable upon the transaction being successfully completed.

  • How can a company choose the right corporate legal service provider for its needs?

    If you choose KBS Corporate as your business sales advisory partner, we can put you in contact with a legal counsel from our panel of expert providers with whom we work closely due to the experience and know-how they have accumulated from years working in the business sales industry.

  • Do corporate legal advisers provide ongoing legal counsel or handle one-time issues?

    The simple answer is both. You may need corporate legal advice over an extended period because a business sale can take many months and sometimes even years to be completed, but equally a professional may specialise in one particular area of the law and be required to fulfil those duties before moving on to another case.

  • What are the best practices for companies to work effectively with corporate legal service providers?

    It may sound obvious but applying the right attitude and approach to the corporate legal advice you receive is a good place to start. Look positively upon the legal side rather than viewing it as a chore or hindrance. Also, make sure you share all relevant information with your corporate legal adviser, ideally by way of a secure digital document management system, so they are aware of every salient detail about your company.

  • How do corporate legal services stay up to date with changing laws and regulations affecting businesses?

    A particularly beneficial way of doing this is for corporate legal advisers to monitor websites of governing agencies and regulatory bodies, thereby going directly to the source. Another method is to enrol for online conferences and webinars at which new regulation changes are often discussed, while responsibility for overseeing and managing the implementation of new laws could be delegated to a specific individual or team.


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