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Our expert business buyers carefully match exclusive business acquisition opportunities to your needs and offer tailored consulting throughout the process of buying a business

Our Business Acquisition Solutions

Our business acquisition opportunities cover a wide range of sectors and our skilled professionals can match them to your requirements, taking into consideration factors such as industry, location and level of funding capabilities when buying a business.

We stay in regular contact and advise you of new opportunities as soon as they are made available, often before other buyers are made aware. We will work closely with you when buying a business, supplying both commercial and financial materials as and when required. Whether you are an experienced acquirer, or you are buying a business for the first time, we can guide you through the entire transaction.

To discuss your business acquisition requirements with our experienced team, please contact us on:

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Some of our unique acquisition opportunities can also be found on our Linkedin group.

Business Acquisition Results

As a market-leading business broker, KBS Corporate has overseen thousands of acquisitions, generating more than £5billion in transaction values over the past five years.

We are proud to be recognised as the most active adviser in the UK’s mid-market for business acquisitions, benefitting from qualified experts across multiple specialisms.

In 2022, we managed 341 business sales – 91% more than any other UK adviser. With our knowledge of trade business buyers and private equity firms, we secured 689 offers, arranged 2,366 meetings and generated over 23,000 enquires, demonstrating the reach of our buyer network.

Why Choose Our Business Buyers?

Utilising our skilled business brokers’ knowledge, we have established an extensive network of active commercial parties looking to buy a business.

KBS Corporate has dedicated time and resources to nurturing relationships with business buyers, ensuring we can present the right opportunities to the right acquirers.

Our unparalleled buyer reach has been achieved by incorporating key data, proprietary technology and experienced research analysts with a comprehensive understanding of acquisition trends.

Having developed a bespoke Buyer Matching Engine, we are confident we will able to broker business sales with the most favourable results.

Business Acquisition Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a business acquisition?

    A business acquisition is a corporate transaction in which a company or individual purchases full or partial control of another company.

    Parties looking to buy a business are typically eager to enhance their existing portfolio, diversify their revenue streams or strengthen their capital position.

  • How do I buy a business?

    Buying a business is typically achieved by liaising with business brokers, such as KBS Corporate. We work across multiple industries to find a variety of business acquisitions that suit both trade buyers and investors.

    Time and resources must be invested by those looking to buy and sell a business, and our business brokers look to streamline the process and maximise value.

  • How do I finance a business acquisition?

    There are multiple ways to raise capital when buying a business, ensuring acquirers have options when approaching the M&A market.

    Common methods of financing include funds and equity derived from the acquiring company, through to earnouts based on the post-sale performance of existing shareholders.

    Our business brokers have extensive knowledge of financing commercial sales, providing a smooth transaction for parties looking to buy a business.

  • How much deposit do I need to buy a business?

    KBS Corporate operates across multiple industries, enabling us to find a tailored solution for buyers looking to explore.

    Through negotiations and knowledge of market expectations, our business brokers will consider funding capabilities and work with sellers to ensure you can buy a business with a tailored deal structure.

    Our experts conduct all the necessary checks to ensure you have the appropriate capital, meaning buyers can pursue appropriate opportunities.

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