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Cutting-Edge Technology Driving KBS Corporate’s Buyer Reach

“We look where others wouldn’t think to look.”

A game of hide and seek? No, we are talking about identifying a potential buyer or investor for your business who is as close to the perfect fit as it is possible to find.

But how is that done when there are literally hundreds of millions of companies out there? At KBS Corporate, an extremely valuable tool is at hand – the Buyer Matching Engine.

In supplementing the quote above, Matt Clancy, Operations Director at KBS Corporate, added: “We make it our objective to provide you with the most comprehensive ‘buyer reach’ within the industry.”

Central to that aim is the buyer Matching Engine (BME), a bespoke proprietary piece of software developed by KBS Corporate and which uses ‘big data’ and algorithms to streamline the buyer research process.

The BME allows our team of research analysts to accurately search and filter a variety of criteria, including financial information and past acquisition activity, to identify the most appropriate and motivated buyers for your business.

The system’s algorithms will then score each prospect, creating a priority list to ensure our research analysts can focus on placing your opportunity in front of the most appropriate acquirers and investors – targeting a range of appealing expressions of interest for our clients.

The key features of our Buyer Matching Engine include:

Portfolio tracking

Monitoring and analysing the activity of some of the world’s leading professional investors and their portfolios allows us to determine which private equity firms have experience and knowledge within our clients’ sectors.

Acquisition analysis

The BME provides our research analysts with historical acquisitions data on acquirers across the globe. This helps us to identify who is active within the relevant sector and which companies are on the ‘acquisition trail’.

Financial capability

The BME allows the user to search for suitable acquirers based on their financial capabilities to acquire. Unlike standard ‘off the shelf’ platforms, the Buyer Matching Engine incorporates intelligent ‘buyer traits’, including those that are building up cash reserves or sustaining consistent high growth.

Geographical mapping

The BME allows us to dissect our databases geographically, by postcode, region or country. It also allows us to identify where serial acquirers have acquired previously, which means we can place greater emphasis on targeting those operating in the region where our clients are based.


To expand upon the geographical aspect, it is particularly notable that the UK is the nation which remains the No 1 acquisition target in Europe – and third in the world behind only the US and China.

One in three acquirers of UK companies are from overseas. Of the overseas acquirers that invested into the UK market last year, almost 80% were from either Europe or North America, divided equally between those continents.

Buyers from across the globe are actively seeking high-quality UK acquisitions and taking advantage of favourable exchange rates.

KBS Corporate have vast experience and knowledge in facilitating transactions with overseas trade acquirers. Within our research and data teams, we have multi-lingual speakers who will proactively discuss an opportunity with potential acquirers and convey the benefits and synergies of the acquisition.

In summary, we have made significant investments into developing bespoke, state-of-the-art systems incorporating ‘big data’ to maximise the level of interest in your business and attract a wide range of potential buyers.

All interest received will be discussed with yourself at the earliest opportunity and recommendations made about releasing further information and inviting offers for your business.


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