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A Triple Track Approach

Our team of experienced researchers can explore every avenue in our search for your ideal buyers. We work under a philosophy which places an importance on a holistic approach designed to generate a range of interest from multiple buyer types to ultimately give you options to choose your future.

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Unlike other advisors, who will often only look at one, or possibly two, of the available options, KBS offers a holistic TripleTrack approach to exclusive clients.

Our TripleTrack service explores all three options available, these include trade acquisitions, private equity investment and alternative routes in order to present you with the widest possible range of choices and opportunities that will ultimately help to deliver the optimum result to suit your objectives.


Trade Acquisitions

A trade acquisition will typically provide an outright sale to a buyer within an equivalent or synergistic sector from the UK or overseas.

A trade sale can grant you a high degree of certainty, often allowing you to realise most of your value on ‘day one’ and exit the business completely or remain in a consultancy capacity, depending on your own individual circumstances and the nature of your business.

Many of our clients see this route as the perfect solution, providing a secure future and longevity to their employees, suppliers and clients who have helped to grow their business into what it is today.

This area of the market is extremely buoyant at present, as public and privately-owned companies in many industries are looking to achieve strategic growth through acquisition and gain a competitive advantage. This means companies can often favour synergistic acquisitions to help accelerate growth and expand their reach.


Private Equity Investment

A Private Equity transaction can allow for a significant realisation of the value in your shareholding, whilst positioning your business and management team alongside an experienced investor, providing an ideal platform to explore new markets and drive future growth. Whether you would like to exit your company completely, remain in your current role or transition into another position, Private Equity investment can grant you a significant portion of the ‘locked-in’ value of your business and grant you a share of any future growth.


Alternative Routes

By targeting alternative buyer types such as institutional investors, investment banks, pension funds, mutual funds, family offices and EoTs, we can present an even wider range of potential exit structures to suit your individual objectives.

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