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Caremore Services Limited

Caremore Services is a respected supplier of janitorial cleaning supplies, medical equipment and furniture for clients in the care home market. The company was founded in 2008 and has experienced considerable growth since. Caremore Services has established itself as a key provider within the North East of England, with some clients staying with the company for over eight years.

David Caley and Peter Moore, the shareholders of Caremore Services, approached KBS Corporate with the sale of their business in order to realise their retirement plans.

During initial discussions it became clear that staff retention was highly important to the shareholders. This shaped KBS Corporate’s research strategy with a primary focus being placed on a trade buyer within the UK. KBS Corporate was able to source 29 interested parties and negotiate two offers.

Trade buyer National Print Solutions made the offer that was accepted. The acquisition will see National Print Solutions expand their service offerings and continue to grow their group. This will also enable the retention of staff and David Caley and Peter Moore will remain with Caremore Services in order to facilitate a three-month handover period.

Jacob Lord, Corporate Deal Executive at KBS Corporate, advised Caremore Services and commented: “The acquisition of Caremore Services Limited will provide an excellent foothold for National Print Solutions to enter into the supply of care homes. This will introduce several cross-selling opportunities for their products, which will no doubt add value to their existing customers. All parties worked diligently to ensure the deal progressed and I’m thoroughly pleased that my client is now able to enjoy their retirement and wish National Print Solutions the best of luck with their new opportunity.”


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