Fuel Proof Limited - KBS Corporate

In a sale advised by KBS Corporate, Argent Industrial have acquired Fuel Proof Limited for an initial consideration of £4.6m, with this potentially rising to £6m subject to future performance

Fuel Proof is a leading manufacturer of bunded fuel storage equipment. The company offers a range of fuel storage solutions and services, including fuelcubes, diesel tanks, water storage, and waste oil storage tanks, with each individual component manufactured in-house to the highest possible standard.

The company manufactures products for both UK and international clients serving sectors such as aerospace, engineering, oil & gas, aviation and utilities.

The shareholders of Fuel Proof instructed KBS Corporate to find a buyer for the business, as they are looking to explore unrelated interests after a transitional period.

A thorough research strategy was implemented and several interested parties came forward.  Ultimately, a deal was agreed with Argent Industrial, a South African based buyer who are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Tom Eatough, Associate Corporate Director, advised on the sale and commented: ‘I have enjoyed working on this deal and providing advice to our clients throughout the process. Fuel Proof will make a great addition to Argent Industrial’s portfolio of manufacturing companies and I would like to wish both parties all the best for the future.


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