COVID-19 Update - KBS

COVID-19 Update

We are here!

In these challenging and unusual times, we would like to ensure our current and future clients that our staff are still here for you and contactable via your usual correspondence methods.

KBS Corporate, and the wider K3 Capital Group of companies, has taken measures to mitigate the risk to all stakeholders, whilst still offering the same market leading service that we have always been proud of.

Following Government guidance, our offices are now open for a small and safe number of our employees, with the majority of staff working remotely, for the safety of all of our employees and their families, our visitors, and the wider community by minimising unnecessary commutes and social interactions.

If you are interested in exploring your options through a Remote Valuation and Consultation, call 0161 258 0118 or email

Lets Talk

Our Directors and senior team continue to operate in full and are on hand to speak to current or future clients.

How we continue to operate

Although nothing is normal about the current climate, we are still maintaining a direct and uncompromised line of contact between ourselves and those wanting to sell or acquire a business.

We have strong and experienced teams across each department, combined with an automated business model which uses the latest data and proprietary technology, enabling us to carry on offering the same service, uninterrupted by the physical location of our experts.

We have always been mindful that face-to-face interactions are not always possible – and therefore our staff are well versed in conducting all meetings remotely, ensuring that that quality of information and guidance is not compromised. Therefore we are able to still ‘meet with clients’ via conference or video call.

Are people still looking to buy and sell?

We are still receiving enquiries as we always have been from those who are interested in acquiring a business, as well as those who are looking to begin the process of selling theirs.

We have been ensuring that we utilise this period to prepare new clients for sale, and although the severity of the current crisis is not to be underestimated, we are mindful that once the dust settles, business owners will no doubt be highly incentivised to capitalise on their business value and at the same time we believe that both trade and investment buyers both within the UK and overseas will be looking for opportunities and routes to expand through acquisition.

Throughout the ‘lockdown’ period, we still maintained a dealmaking presence, completing no fewer than 16 deals across our Group, with several more in the pipeline to be concluded within the coming weeks.


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