What does the day-to-day role of a KBS Corporate deal executive comprise? George Barnes, Associate Corporate Director, explains all.

At the heart of our success is a team of dedicated deal executives working diligently to secure the right deals.

Advising on all aspects of buying a business, deal executives operate as a personal point of contact for our clients, co-ordinating the entire commercial sale process.

George Barnes, Associate Corporate Director, is in his third year with KBS Corporate and has shared his experience working with the deal team.

Benefitting from over 10 years of experience in the M&A industry, George has operated on both the buy and sell sides of business acquisitions to enhance his capabilities when leading transactions.

The Role Of A Deal Executive

“On a primary level, it’s the deal executive’s responsibility to guide shareholders through the sale of their business,” said George.

“There are several moving parts during the process, such as co-ordinating with document writers to create marketing collateral, overseeing discussions with our researchers to establish an outreach strategy, and attending meetings with prospective buyers to cement interest.

“While it can often be a straightforward, phased experience for business sellers, deal executives have to operate with flexibility when multiple communications, both internally and externally, are being addressed.

“A business sale can be very demanding, so we act as lead advisers to refine the process and facilitate a comfortable experience.”

Deal Executive Objectives

Deal executives work closely with business sellers to ascertain their objectives and ideal outcome, refining KBS’s approach to the market to satisfy these goals.

George said: “The price that buyers are willing to pay is a major factor when considering options, but the best possible deal depends on our client’s personal objectives.

“A variety of deal structures can be achieved in the M&A space, with both trade buyers and investment firms presenting opportunities for sellers.

“A shareholder may wish to pursue a sale that releases their capital and allows them to step away from the business. Elsewhere, a private equity investment could provide the resources required to accelerate a company’s growth over the coming years, presenting the seller with an exciting opportunity to see their business develop.”

Our deal executives are qualified experts across multiple specialisms, using their vast knowledge of market trends to advise on options and ensure clients have the information available to make informed decisions.

Developing A Relationship With Clients

While deal executives operate as the lead advisers throughout transactions, they look to develop a close working relationship with business sellers to gather the most valuable information.

“We know business acquisitions and clients know their business,” said George. “Equipped with shareholders’ passion for their business, we create a corporate opportunity summary that appeals to active buyers.

“Selling a business is an ongoing process and having the most recent financial information and operational updates can help us to communicate the key selling points to buyers.

“Understanding the latest developments within a business allows us to negotiate from a better position, leveraging continued growth and the current financial performance.”

Accepting An Offer

While accepting a suitable offer is very exciting for all parties, there is a comprehensive due diligence process that must be completed in order to satisfy regulations and corporate requirements.

Over the following weeks, deal executives will lead buyers through all terms and agreements associated with the commercial acquisition.

George said: “Once we’ve accepted an offer, our job is to make sure the value of the business’s assets is maintained throughout due diligence.

“We will co-ordinate the data room with the buyers to gather all legal documentation while ensuring any financial adjustments are reflected fairly in the final value — whether that’s equity or EBITDA.”

Looking Ahead

Deal executives are motivated by finding the right deals that satisfy both sides of the sale, but also applying market trends to work in the interest of our clients.

“New sectors continue to progress and are quickly identified as profitable markets for M&A activity,” said George.

“As a deal executive, I get to observe developing trends first-hand as new solutions are developed. Over the last two years, the demand for software-as-a-service companies has grown exponentially, allowing me to close great deals for Advizzo and Pushfar in 2023.

“Interest can also be driven by industry-wide regulations. The Building Safety Act 2022 has created vast opportunities for approval contractors and big players are looking to consolidate the market.

“KBS Corporate’s deal executives pride themselves on understanding what buyers are looking for, and this is reflected in our acquisition opportunities when the time to approach the market comes.”

If you would like to hear more about our sales process, please contact KBS Corporate on 0161 258 0118.


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