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Connor Monaghan on joining KBS and financial modelling

We spoke to Corporate Finance Executive, Connor Monaghan, on joining our ever-expanding team, why he chose to work for KBS Corporate and the role that financial modelling can play in facilitating a deal.

We spoke to Connor Monaghan, the latest Corporate Finance Executive to join our ever expanding team, on why he chose to work for KBS Corporate and the role that financial modelling can play in facilitating a deal.

When did you realise you wanted to work in corporate finance?

After leaving school, I went on to study politics, economics, accounting and business within higher education because I enjoyed them and wanted to pursue a career in finance. Alongside these, I also studied Mandarin, having studied in Beijing. On applying to universities, I knew I wanted to study finance and I chose Lancaster because the course complimented my areas of interest. I found my passion was Economics, so I studied that alongside Politics. Whilst at Lancaster University, I obtained an internship with the Ministry of Defence, which involved really interesting projects at a very turbulent time for the UK economy.
I also completed an internship at Deloitte on their summer vacation scheme within the audit department. Here, I was able to gain an insight into what the industry was like first hand, and I was able to learn complex skills early in my career. I was then offered a full time role, which I took up after graduation.

How long did you work for Deloitte?

I was at Deloitte for three years, where I also studied my ACA qualification. I was in the audit department and enjoyed working on various projects with a wide range of clients.

Why KBS Corporate?

I wanted to work in corporate finance instead of audit and wished to be heavily involved in M&A, as that’s where my interest lies. I like to be engaged with clients and build genuine professional relationships with them through being involved in their long-term plans. I chose KBS Corporate over other options because of the significant growth the company is undergoing, it seems like an exciting time to be involved and I knew I wanted to be part of significant transactions.

What have you liked about the role so far?

I enjoy the financial modelling side of the process and being able to build relationships with senior management and Directors here, which you don’t get at many companies within this sector. I have been really impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise of everyone across all departments such as as Accounts, Marketing and Research. Here, I am able to involve Directors in my projects, ask for their input and advice, and work together to deliver the best results for our clients. It is also great that my expertise in financial modelling is appreciated here and I have been able to utilise this across numerous projects. The whole team have been welcoming and I am trusted to take responsibility for my own clients, and I can work on larger deals with senior Directors to gain experience and knowledge.

Can you tell us a little about financial modelling and what it entails?

The process involves financial information and business strategy, combining them into one to produce forward looking forecasts, accounts for historic financial information and future potential. This is then used to maximise value for our clients businesses by presenting a positive and accurate outlook.

Is there a particular sector you like to work within?

It is always good to have variety, but I am particularly interested in the renewables and green energy sectors and have experience dealing with recycling and waste management businesses. It has been interesting to see this sector transform in recent years and I have been able to establish a good network within this industry.

What are your hopes for the next year at KBS Corporate?

I would like to see the company continue to achieve results and grow in the manner it has been. On a personal level, I would enjoy the opportunity to deliver outcomes that exceed my clients’ expectations. I have a number of significant deals in the pipeline, which both me and my clients are excited about. I’m eager to develop my client base and network within the industry and I am confident it will be an incredibly busy, yet rewarding year.


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