KBS Corporate Finance successfully advises clients on EOT - KBS Corporate

KBS Corporate Finance successfully advises clients on EOT

An Employee Ownership Trust has successfully taken ownership of our clients’ company through a deal advised on by KBS Corporate Finance

KBS Corporate Finance is delighted to have advised a deal which saw ownership of a clients’ company transfer from the Shareholders to an Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”) in a £9m transaction.

KBS Corporate Finance Director, John Hunt, lead the deal throughout and commented “the deal not only gives long serving employees the fantastic opportunity to participate in future wealth creation but also provides a financial exit for the current shareholders on highly attractive tax terms as provided for through the EOT scheme. It has been a real joy working with the Shareholders to get the EOT deal over the line; it’s a fantastic “win-win” for the employees and the shareholders”.

The Company’s Managing Director, who wishes for the transaction to remain confidential, speaking on behalf of the shareholders and employees commented “KBS were innovative in their approach and provided support, guidance and reassurance throughout our process. They were always available at the end of the phone or to meet up and I would be pleased to recommend their service to anyone; the deal has been great for the shareholders, our employees and the Company”.


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