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Life at KBS Corporate: An Interview with Anne Pritchard

As Investors in People accredited employers, KBS Corporate has attracted some of the industry’s most exciting emerging talents. Corporate Finance Executive, Anne Pritchard, speaks to us about her experience.

KBS Corporate attract some of the best talents within the industry, and as Investors in People employers, the company is a great place to work for all levels of career development.

We spoke to Anne Pritchard, who completed the placement scheme offered by KBS Corporate, whilst at University. Since completing her studies at Sheffield Hallam, Anne has returned to KBS as a Corporate Finance Executive.

Tell us about your experience on the placement scheme, and what made you want to come back to KBS Corporate after University?

“I started in July 2016, and I was thrown straight into it. Immediately, I was engaging with directors and senior staff, who ensured I was welcomed to the company. My work was interesting and varied, and I was given a lot of responsibility very early on, as I was working on high-value deals across a range of sectors.

“I was fully immersed into the world of Corporate Finance. Day-to-day my role involved attending client meetings, creating pitch presentations and research lists, as well as learning about data rooms and the wider M&A market.

“I wanted to return to KBS Corporate as I had enjoyed everything so far and was eager to learn more. I felt part of the team and I was made to feel valued. The one-year placement allowed me to see the completion of several key projects, providing a huge sense of achievement.”

Is there a particular achievement or event that you are most proud of from the year?

“I worked at K3 during the float on AIM, which was an incredible experience. It was so interesting to see this happen, there was a real buzz about the place and it meant I was able to experience the company as it transformed into a PLC and saw substantial growth.

“For me, my workload really increased and became more varied, we were now working on several high-value deals. It was exciting to be involved in something like this, and I felt it really took the company to the next level.”

Would you say you benefited from the placement year, and if so, how?

“Definitely. On returning to University, it was clear who had gained some useful industry experience as they performed better in exams and coursework, as well as group tasks.

“I found the experience highly motivating and it encouraged me to perform well in my final year and secure the highly coveted permanent position at KBS. I had gained a lot more than industry knowledge, I was much more confident, organised and had a better handle on time management and the prioritisation of tasks.”

What are you most enjoying about your new role at KBS Corporate?

“It is great to be able to build on what I started here, whilst also developing new skills. I am finding that after returning one year later, a lot has changed as the company has grown substantially.

“Also, I am now able to take on more responsibility and get involved in more high value deals, and as I know I will be here to see projects go full circle, I feel more engaged with the company as a whole.

“As well, the company has kindly agreed to sponsor my ACA training qualification, so I will be able to study alongside my work and become a qualified chartered accountant in the near future. I am looking forward to this added challenge.”

Tell us a little about life at KBS Corporate

“The office is a great, professional place to work – its open plan, modern and is an ideal working space for all of the departments to work in collaboration. The building is perfect for holding private and confidential meetings, which means clients can feel comfortable here when discussing a company sale. I enjoy working with a wide variety of people and find that I can share ideas and learn from those around me.

“There is a real commitment to self-development and I feel as though I am constantly learning new skills. The projects we work on are not only enjoyable, but it is good to feel part of a valued team.”

What are your career aspirations or plans for the future?

“Working at KBS has made me certain that I want to work in corporate finance, I find it highly satisfying to see projects through to completion and I enjoy every aspect of the role. I hope to develop and build on my experience so far, whilst I work my way up the career ladder and extend my professional network as I progress”

Do you have any advice for prospective placement students and graduates that are looking to start working at KBS Corporate?

“I would get involved in as many projects as you can, there is no better way to learn. I think the most valuable experience and knowledge can be gained from observing and working with others, and at KBS you work alongside Directors, so there are some really good opportunities for professional development. I would advise you to take full advantage of this, make notes, observations and keep track of everything, so you can refer back to your experiences. Make sure that you hit the ground running and constantly work to high standards.”


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