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About KBS

Founded almost 25 years ago, KBS Corporate has established itself as a leading sales advisor by adopting an approach that is truly disrupting the traditional methodologies of company sales.

We’ve been in your shoes!

As an owner-managed company, we floated on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM in 2017, joining the market with a high-quality register of blue-chip organisations.

Admission was an important step in realising our Group’s strategy to deliver a number of growth opportunities, which was achieved against all key metrics in the year immediately following our listing.

We have a history of delivering results having completed hundreds of company sale transactions across a wide variety of industry sectors by integrating specialist marketing techniques with award winning technical Corporate Finance expertise.

results are
delivered by an
exceptional team

We’re not your typical team of M&A advisers, we’re entrepreneurs too. We have personally built, sold, floated and secured investments into many businesses.

Our growing team of over 175 UK based employees are at the forefront of each of our success stories. Expertise built up over decades of experience working within M&A across the UK, Europe and the United States, puts us in the best position to guide you through your journey.

Our Directors alone possess over 200 years of combined experience within the company sales arena across the globe, working at some the world’s leading and most respected firms

We work with our client’s side-by-side throughout the transaction to deliver exceptional results.

We look where others wouldn’t think to look

KBS Corporate offers a highly creative and proactive approach in order to identify prospective acquirers from across the globe. We possess the knowledge, contacts and personal touch, combined with data, systems and technology to maximise buyer reach whilst only contacting those who have the financial means, the expertise and the desire to acquire and grow your company.

With a history of delivering success, we will provide a tailored sale strategy to realise a complete exit solution or a partial sale to release capital. This unique approach can be discussed in an initial consultation where we aim to understand each of our client’s individual circumstances, desires and objectives in order to determine a suitable strategy.

When it’s your business, its personal

Whether your company has been passed down through the generations or is a product of a lifetime of work, we understand that you put everything into making it what it is today. It is for this reason that our personalised approach will supply the expertise, experience and technical knowledge to deliver a transaction built for you. When it's your business it's personal... At KBS Corporate, we make it personal. KBS Corporate Sales Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of K3 Capital Group plc

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