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A Unique, Tailored Approach To Achieving A Successful Sale of Your Business

And so the big decision has been made, the time is right to sell your business… what happens next?

At KBS Corporate, not only can we answer the key questions you are bound to have, but we can guide you along every step of a journey designed to culminate in the outcome you were aiming for.

That pathway comprises four key facets that underpin our unique, tailored approach towards achieving a successful completion of the sale.

  • Understand

Initially, the most important aspect is for KBS Corporate to obtain a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve.

Do you want a full or partial exit of your company? What are your motivations and an ideal timescale?

We engage with you and your business on a personal level, taking the time to get to know you and your objectives in detail and then tailor the process with those exact aims at the forefront.

A deal structure will be formalised, based upon your ultimate value expectations and conditions for exit, appraising your company in detail to determine its key attributes and USPs to help maximise its appeal to potential purchasers.

This bespoke, highly personalised approach is carried out to your required level of confidentiality throughout the process, ensuring discretion and protection that goes beyond the industry standard.

  • Present

When it is time to start gauging interest in the market, KBS Corporate produce documents of the highest quality to illustrate the key features of the opportunity.

This ‘best in class’ material, compiled by designated document writers and marketing professionals working in tandem with you, will showcase your company in the best possible light.

A confidential Opportunity Summary highlights the key information without disclosing any specific identifiers, while the Information Memorandum then presents the full details and highlights of your business to the market.

We work with you throughout the entire process to ensure the IM document powerfully portrays the success and ethos of your company and will be forwarded to appropriate interested parties only after your approval.

KBS Corporate will also produce a detailed financial model or forecast for potential buyers projected over the next two to five years.

  • Reach

Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive ‘buyer reach’ within the industry, utilising superior marketing techniques, technological investment and ‘big data’.

Every possible avenue will be explored in the search for the perfect buyer, maximising the level of interest by ensuring we hold the latest information on who is acquisitive in your sector and has the financial means, expertise and desire to acquire and grow your company.

A combination of our bespoke Buyer Matching Engine and traditional research will generate a Buyer Analysis Report, at which point we will evaluate the initial prospect list with you and prioritise those whom all parties believe could be a suitable acquirer for your company.

Based on those discussions, dialogue with those prospective buyers will commence and non-disclosure agreements obtained from interested parties, with further screening applied to ascertain their purchase capability.

All such interest will be discussed with you when it is received, and we will offer recommendations regarding the release of further information and inviting offers for the business.

  • Deliver

Our team of experienced directors and deal executives will guide you through the entire process, not only negotiating the best possible price for your company but simultaneously providing support and advice over the course of the transaction – enabling you to focus on running your business.

We will work with you on how to conduct an initial exploratory meeting with a qualified buyer, ensuring you are prepared for any questions that may be asked, and subsequently encourage and analyse indicative offers.

A competitive environment will be generated among bidders to maximise the value of your company before final offers are invited, accompanied by a review of each one including its deliverability in line with your objectives.

When you have chosen your preferred bidder, we will discuss and agree an exclusivity period and maintain dialogue with all parties to ensure smooth negotiation.

Legal representation through our panel of independent legal advisors can be recommended if required, and we will oversee and manage an effective completion by working closely with all advisory parties and facilitating the Sale and Purchase Agreement.


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