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KBS Corporate Completes Sale of Swan Network Solutions

Swan Network Solutions provides complete IT support services for SMEs based across the North West of England. The company was established in 2004 and is based in Cheshire. Swan Network Solutions benefits from a highly skilled workforce who have enabled the company to establish an excellent reputation.

The company shareholders, Stephen Nicholls and Andrew Horrocks, instructed KBS Corporate in order to allow them to pursue unrelated business interests and to reassess their work life balance.

During KBS Corporate’s initial discussions with the shareholders it became clear that staff retention and the continuation of the brand were of high importance. This shaped KBS Corporate’s research strategy with a heavy focus on UK trade buyers, especially those within the managed service provider (MSP) market. The approach proved highly successful with 98 interested parties being identified, and three competing offers.

The ultimate offer came from Manchester based Tectrix Solutions. The company offers a client focused approach to IT and telecoms solutions to businesses throughout the UK. Established 19 years ago, Tectrix Solutions boasts an impressive 97% client retention rate. The acquisition will enable Tectrix Solutions to enter the MSP market. KBS Corporate was able to negotiate the retention of all current staff of Swan Network Solutions.

Les Mitty, Tectrix Solutions CEO, commented: “This acquisition has nearly doubled our size overnight,” he said. “We hope to have two more done within the next 20 months and I do not see why we cannot hit £10m.”

Jacob Lord, KBS Corporate Deal Executive, advised Swan Network Solutions throughout the process and commented: “The acquisition of Swan Network Solutions for Tectrix opens up many doors and allows Tectrix to enter into the lucrative MSP space, which will no doubt add value to their existing customers. COVID certainly made matters difficult, but with the resilience of the vendor and buyer we were able to achieve the goal set out. I worked closely with the solicitors to ensure the deal moved smoothly, but also to ensure that my client had a full understanding of what was happening at any given time, as it was their first transaction.”

Following completion, Stephen Nicholls and Andrew Horrocks will remain with the company to facilitate a handover period.


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