Dave Gardner, KBS Corporate Finance Managing Director, explains why the UK economic outlook is bright for mid-market M&A – and how company owners can capitalise on that.

Dave Gardner was appointed KBS Corporate Finance Managing Director in November 2023. Here, he explains why the outlook is bright for mid-market M&A and how company owners can capitalise on that with the help of KBS Corporate Finance.

Having fully transitioned to becoming Managing Director of KBS Corporate Finance, I’ve been asked what I envisage the short-to-medium term future holds for our industry.

Financial forecasters are predicting UK interest rates will fall this year, potentially from 5.25% to 4.25%, with global energy prices and the wholesale cost of oil beginning to drop and inflation now decreasing – analysts are suggesting it could dip below 2% by the summer.

That would benefit the mid-market where we specialise, due to acquisitive companies having more room for manoeuvre as capital would be easier and more affordable to obtain.

In turn, it would boost the opportunities available to company owners considering their options and who are happy to embrace all types of exits which, due to our vast experience and success, we are able to deliver.

While it might be stretching reality to suggest 2024 will be an exceptional year for mid-market company sales, especially as we have generated continued growth through 2022 and 2023 following the initial post-COVID recovery, the economic signals indicate this could be an ideal period to proceed with an exit.

How can KBS Corporate Finance help company owners?

As a truly Director-led boutique service, working with only a select few clients at any time, we know the key to achieving the best outcome for a company is to obtain a thorough understanding of the objectives its owner wants to accomplish from a sale.

Therefore, we devise and apply a bespoke, tailor-made strategy in which the business becomes a matter of personal interest and pride, so we can devote all our attention and commitment to fulfilling your specific goals.

My fellow Directors and I are specialists in achieving the best possible deal values for entrepreneurs and SMEs, putting into practice the expertise we have accumulated over decades working in corporate finance across the UK, Europe and the United States.

We have personally built, sold, floated and secured investments into many businesses and are astute in lead advisory and transaction support for company sales with values up to £200m – which means we are ideally qualified to guide you on your own journey.

Our dedicated, personal service with full project management offers experience in a variety of key disciplines including accountancy, corporate finance, business management and marketing, all of which are essential aspects in achieving maximum value for your company.

What sets KBS Corporate Finance apart from the competition?

With a sale strategy tailored to your individual requirements, presentational expertise and comprehensive buyer-sourcing techniques, we believe the service we provide is unrivalled.

Whatever your objective may be, we have the technology and resources at hand to provide the widest possible range of choices and opportunities that could suit your business.

This means we will select, where relevant, a range of buyer types to identify companies who may be motivated to acquire, or invest in, your company and have the financial means to do so.

In saying ‘where relevant’, what we mean is that we will agree the targeting strategy with you. It depends on exactly what you are looking to achieve, and we will listen to, take on board and act accordingly with your requirements.

As we maintain exclusive relationships with active trade and investment buyers, we are perfectly positioned to help you analyse the options available. In addition to acquirers from complementary sectors and private equity houses, we fully consider investors taking a longer-term approach, as well as alternative routes such as family offices, IPOs, MBI/MBOs and pension funds. Our mantra is to ‘look where others wouldn’t think to look’.

We will then generate as many realistic expressions of interest as possible from companies we have identified as a synergistic fit for your individual business.

We know every transaction is personal and important. That’s why we invest considerable time in understanding every intricate detail of how your company operates with one aim in mind – to not only meet, but to exceed your objectives and expectations.

Call our experts on 0161 660 9963 for a confidential discussion about how we can fulfil your company exit requirements and more information about the service we provide.


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