We spoke to Kirsty about her first four years with KBS and her role within the business.

In our latest edition of Inform, we explored the importance of producing captivating marketing literature as part of the bespoke, tailored service we provide for every business sale.

As part of our collaborative, phased sales process, we produce marketing materials to promote all available opportunities, ensuring unique selling points are being communicated to the wider M&A market effectively.

Operating alongside the operations team, KBS’s corporate document writers work closely with business owners and shareholders to gather the information needed to enhance our marketing capabilities.

We spoke to Kirsty Poynton, Senior Corporate Document Writer, about her first four years with KBS and her role within the business.

Q: What background and experience brought you to KBS as a document writer?

A: I was hired as a recent graduate of Journalism and English — I was handing in my dissertation one week and starting at KBS the following Monday! It wasn’t just writing that I enjoyed throughout my course, but the research and analysis aspect. A corporate document writer needs to apply all these skills, so a role at KBS seemed like the ideal opportunity for me to progress and engage with new sources of information.

Q: What’s your primary responsibility in the wider sales process?

A: On a day-to-day basis, I produce front-end marketing materials for businesses which we are advertising for sale. This includes adverts and teasers to generate interest anonymously, as well as a comprehensive Information Memorandum to cover all key selling points of a company. It’s great to work with shareholders and owners from a variety of sectors — it certainly keeps what we’re doing fresh and interesting!

Q: What does a KBS Information Memorandum include?

A: We’re looking to present an overview of all business operations as effectively and concisely as possible, ranging from history and ownership through to financial commentary and market research.  We look into the sectors we are promoting, using up-to-date reports from trusted sources to demonstrate growth trends and any socioeconomic developments.


Q: How are these documents formatted and presented?

A: They are designed entirely in-house by corporate document writers. We use specialist software, such as Adobe InDesign, to produce attractive, modern documents for all businesses. By working with clients and their branding guidelines, we can use graphics, colours and fonts which reflect company identities. Documents are proofread and undergo an internal review process to ensure they meet style and content requirements before being sent to our clients.

Q: Do you work independently?

A: Not at all! We work closely with other departments across KBS’s operations team, as well as with clients. The information included in our marketing documents comes from businesses themselves, as well as our wider team’s knowledge of each sector, and is always approved by our clients — we do this for all sales to ensure complete accuracy.

Q: Why is it important to have effective marketing materials when pursuing a company sale?

A: Tailored documents ensure interested parties can make informed decisions. Presenting engaging information correctly will encourage further discussions between potential buyers and our clients. It’s a great feeling knowing that we helped find the right buyer — and that starts with successful advertising.

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