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How does KBS Corporate design a research strategy which targets a range of buyers from all over the world to find the most suitable acquirer for your business?

How does KBS Corporate design a research strategy which targets a range of buyers from all over the world to find the most suitable acquirer for your business?

KBS Corporate prides itself on its approach for realising maximum value for its clients’ businesses. Unlike a typical team of advisers, KBS is a team of entrepreneurs who have built, sold, floated and secured investments into many of their businesses. This combined experience means that KBS Corporate not only targets buyers but understands their process and requirements. They think like a buyer to reach out to the most relevant industry acquirers for its clients’ businesses, resulting in an unparalleled buyer reach that integrates an effective combination of data, propriety technology and experienced researchers.

The main principles of their approach are to understand, present, reach and deliver. They make it a priority to understand each client’s objectives and what they want to achieve, enabling them to provide a bespoke, yet tailored, service to highlight the key facets of the opportunity. In order to highlight key aspects of the opportunity, documents writers, as well as marketing professionals, will work closely with each client to produce ‘best in class’ presentational documents. This includes an opportunity summary, an information memorandum and a financial forecast. Using unique marketing techniques, buyer intelligence systems and expert buyer identification practises, KBS will look where other advisors wouldn’t think to look in order to find the ‘perfect buyer’. KBS adopt the workload, allowing its clients to continue running their business and deliver as expected to their customers.

KBS Corporate understand the importance of due diligence and ensure that the legal process is handled with attention to detail.

One of KBS Corporate’s most unique services is its ‘TripleTrack’ approach, which incorporates all the available routes for a potential sale including trade acquirers, private equity and IPO/flotation. Their search will provide the client with a range of potential trade buyers, considering both the UK and International. Private equity has been a proven way to release value in a business and achieve strategic growth without necessarily giving up full control. Alternatively, an IPO/flotation can enable the partial realisation of value at float, an increased profile for a company and access to capital for future growth.

When reaching out to the most appropriate acquirers for a business, KBS Corporate’s bespoke systems incorporate ‘big data’ from various leading sources. This ensures that they have the most updated information on who is acquisitive within each sector with the financial means to acquire further. This also enables them to identify those who possess the industry knowledge and desire to acquire and grow a business.

This comprehensive buyer identification process allows KBS to complete transactions to acquirers on an international scale. KBS Corporate’s Research Analysts have access to the details of 310,000,000 companies worldwide, allowing them to analyse and identify the right buyer for each business.


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