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Our TripleTrack Approach to Realising Your Worth

When the time feels right to embrace a major change for the future direction of your business, how will you decide on the best option?

It may not necessarily mean a complete sale that would entail handing over the reins to an entirely new management team.

Unlike most advisers, at KBS Corporate we offer a holistic TripleTrack approach which encompasses exploring all the available routes, providing the widest possible range of choices and opportunities in the drive towards delivering your optimum result.

Uppermost in this process will, of course, be the desires and objectives of the shareholders. By utilising the bespoke in-house Buyer Matching Engine tool, we produce a Buyer Analysis Report that contains prospects from a range of buyer types – where relevant – to identify companies who may be motivated to acquire, or invest in, your business and possess the financial capability to do so.

Our expert team of research analysts will scrutinise and assess the report and once the targeting strategy has been agreed, we embark on an all-encompassing multi-channel approach to ensure as many genuine expressions of interest as possible are obtained from companies we have identified as a synergistic fit for your business.

In keeping with our motto of “we look where others wouldn’t think to look”, the TripleTrack options are:

Trade acquisitions

This typically incorporates buyers from equivalent or complementary sectors who will see the synergistic value of the opportunity.

Our team, who are experienced in completing deals with trade acquirers in the UK, Europe and beyond, have access to well over 300 million companies worldwide and data on over 1.7 million transactions in the global M&A market.

A trade acquirer would usually offer a full exit upon completion.

Private equity investment

This can allow significant realisation of value whilst positioning the business and its management team alongside a seasoned investment partner and is an ideal way of achieving growth without relinquishing full control.

We work closely with private equity contacts of all sizes, who make investments from £1million to several hundred million pounds.

With a global connection network of over 5,000 private equity houses who are looking to invest in the UK, we have established an impressive history of achieving investments from PE firms that have far exceeded our clients’ initial value expectations.

Alternative routes

We think outside the box and target additional buyer types, for example family offices, IPOs and MBIs/MBOs along with other alternative investment vehicles.

These could also include institutional investors such as pension funds, investment banks and mutual funds.

With a database built over 25 years of dealmaking and which is among the most comprehensive in the industry, we also have experience of Employee Ownership Trusts which offer significant tax breaks for the selling shareholder.

Whether you already know which would be the best route for your business, or you remain undecided and ready to explore all options, KBS Corporate are available to help. Visit www.kbscorporate.com or call +44 (0)161 258 0118 for a confidential, no-obligation discussion to identify your requirements.


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