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Confidential Business Brokers

Not only do our experienced business sale brokers complete more deals than any other UK company, we also ensure confidentiality and discretion are at the forefront of everything we do.

Support Selling Your Business

And when the time arrives to finalise negotiations and rubber-stamp the deal, our experienced team will continue to shoulder much of the workload in delivering the anticipated outcome – leaving you free to make sure your business continues at the optimum performance level.

Commercial Finance

Commercial finance can encompass a vast range of funding options for businesses to consider, in the form of investment over any timeframe that suits the requirements of the shareholder(s).

Our business brokers are experts at securing the right level and type of external funding that complements a company’s growth ambitions and enables them to flourish.

To identify the ideal solution for your business we will firstly understand exactly what you are seeking, comprehending every aspect of the company in great detail from operational, managerial, financial and strategic perspectives.

We have compiled a rich history of securing investments for clients across a wide range of industry sectors, maintaining relationships with more than 500 private equity firms – who hold over 6,000 combined investments – across the world on our bespoke database.

We have been negotiating business sale transactions for over 25 years, building up a vast wealth of experience in delivering a tailor-made service built specifically around your requirements.

You can trust that our business brokers, who also have a proven track record of being entrepreneurs themselves, possess the expertise and technical knowledge to demonstrate exactly why we are the UK’s market leader in company sales.

Expert Business Broker Consulting

As the No 1 team of business sales brokers in the UK, we begin every transaction by listening to our client’s requirements and objectives which remain front and centre of any business sale we oversee.

We then utilise our unparalleled buyer reach, incorporating an effective blend of ‘big data’, bespoke software and experienced research analysts, to identify the most suitable acquirers or investors for your company.

Our industry-leading presentational materials will promote your business in the best light, ensuring all the key aspects are highlighted to maximise the potential for the highest possible value to be achieved.

With confidentiality assured throughout the process, we can also introduce you to partner companies within our Group which can supply the other professional services you will need, for example assistance with the tax considerations and the legal requirements of the transaction.

Business Sale Brokers

We appreciate that when the time comes to consider what the future holds for you, choosing to sell your business is not a decision you will have made lightly.

Once we have understood precisely what your objectives are, our business brokers will formulate and implement a bespoke service that is specifically tailored to yours and your company’s requirements.

‘Best in class’ presentational documents will be drawn up which illustrate the key aspects of the opportunity. Our designated document writers and marketing professionals will work closely with you to produce an Information Memorandum and a confidential Opportunity Summary which you can be assured will be of the highest standard.

Within our industry, our objective is to provide the most comprehensive buyer reach. With a combination of top-quality marketing techniques, investment into business intelligence systems and expert buyer identification practices utilising ‘big data’, we will explore every avenue in our search for your ideal acquirer.

Confidentiality is at the heart of our process and as we drive forward negotiations to ensure momentum is sustained, we will apply our knowledge and experience of due diligence and legal matters to ensure your transaction is delivered with the care and attention you deserve.

Our Business Brokers’ Success

Client satisfaction is the lifeblood for our business sale brokers, and the success we have enjoyed has enabled us to build up a network of KBS Ambassadors.

As we support business owners before, during and after the journey through to the completion of their transaction, our company ambassadors are happy to share their honest experience and insights of working with KBS Corporate.

The network consists of professionals across a variety of sectors who have been involved in a range of deals, from SME acquisitions to corporate mergers.

In addition to the ambassadors, clients frequently provide top-rated reviews of our service to express their happiness at what we have helped them to achieve.

Here are some examples:

“The process was very good overall. Everyone at KBS was very helpful, they all got on board and were proactive. I was very pleased when the sale went through.”

Alistair Garden, Belowground Contracts Ltd  founder.

“KBS Corporate was most successful in marketing our scientific instruments business and almost immediately found potential buyers. The team is highly professional, always available and knowledgeable. Consequently, KBS Corporate assisted us hugely with the process, which included participating in meetings with possible acquirers. The conclusion of it all was a successful sale that would have been a great deal more stressful without KBS Corporate’s help and we achieved a value much higher than we initially anticipated.”

Bob Town, Managing Director of GT Vision.


“I was happy, it was an easy process and KBS handled it well. I would recommend KBS Corporate to anyone who wants to explore a business sale and is seeking sound advice.”

Tim Hogarth, founder of Hogarth Antiques Ltd and TV antiques show presenter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a business broker?

    A business broker is a professional who negotiates between the vendor and acquirer during the sale of a company, with the aim of completing a transaction that suits all parties.

  • What does a business broker do?

    A variety of tasks will be undertaken by the business sale broker during a transaction, including identifying the ideal buyer, negotiation over the price the company will be acquired for, and arranging the required documents and contracts ahead of completion.

  • How can a business broker help me sell my business?

    Selling a business is not an easy process because there are so many aspects to consider, and having the right adviser alongside you is very important. That is where the specialised knowledge of the team of experts at KBS Corporate can be so beneficial. The experience and connections we have in the nuanced areas of a business sale can ease any concerns you have about the complexities of a deal, right through from the initial marketing through to signing off the final paperwork.

  • How can a business broker help me to buy a business?

    Although a business broker will more frequently work with the seller of a company, we also provide help with buy-side acquisition covering a wide range of sectors. We stay in regular contact and advise you of new opportunities as soon as they become available, often before other buyers are made aware. Whether you are an experienced acquirer or you are buying a business for the first time, we can guide you through the entire transaction.

    If you need any more information about our business sale broker services, or you are ready to open a conversation about the sale of your company, speak to us confidentially on 0161 258 0118.

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