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  • Considering selling your company? KBS Corporate has the experience and expertise to help.
    There are many different ways to sell a business, and the experts at KBS Corporate have seen all of them in action. You will benefit from our bespoke, market-leading approach to securing a deal that suits your needs and gets the maximum value for your company. Although every transaction is different, there are certain steps and plans that usually have to be put in place. Whatever your goals may be, our team will call on their extensive experience within the industry to guide you on how to sell a business effectively.

    Having an exit strategy

    Whatever happens, it is never too early to start making plans to sell your business. In fact, the best time to consider a sale is often when you don’t actually have to. Having an exit strategy already in place is imperative if you are to achieve the maximum value for your company, allowing you to move forward with your next venture. When setting up an exit strategy, you should consider:
    • What type of exit do you wish to pursue? Do you want to part with all of your shares, or do you want to keep a stake in the company?
    • Timescales - Do you want to sell quickly or are you in a position to listen to multiple offers?
    • Deal structures & price expectations
    • Are there any potential successors within your business?
    KBS Corporate excels in helping our clients to set up robust exit strategies and this has resulted in some incredible success stories. What else makes us stand out? Our buyer intelligence team work around the clock to deliver the most up-to-date data on the current market.
    • Through our global network channels and research resources, we will generate interest in your company.
    • Employing superior marketing strategies, KBS Corporate ensures that your acquisition is presented in the best light possible, communicating your company’s worth and reputation to prospective buyers and shareholders alike.
    We have a global reach, which means we can connect you with potential buyers in the UK and overseas. Save
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